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Species Hunt 2014

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Species Hunt card 2014

The Species Hunt 2014 has been developed to appeal to all sea anglers in order to support the sport that we hold in such high regard. It’s the brainchild of experienced sea angler Simon Farrow who has a passion to get people trying new sea fishing areas and techniques. We have developed the Species Hunt in partnership with Breakaway Tackle, Tronixpro and Sea Fishing Magazine.

Our two new nationwide challenges run alongside each other:

1. The Species Hunt - Catch the most different species of sea fish in (150 designated species).

2. The Specimen Hunt - Catch the largest specimen (35 designated species on hunt card).

The challenges started on 1st September 2014 and will run until 31st March 2015. However there are monthly awards and prizes to be won so it's never too late to get started!


To register for the challenges and to receive your free welcome pack please send an email with your name as the subject to with the following information: -

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email address

Species Hunt pack

You will receive;-

  1. One Hunt card (to be pictured with fish)
  2. One tape measure (to measure fish)
  3. One set of Rules and Guidelines for the challenge.
  4. You also get a few sneaky extras!


All entries are to be sent in via email to both and . The email must Include the following;

  • Name and UPN number of Participant
  • Date and Location of Capture
  • Photo with Clearly visible person who correlates to that Hunt Card
  • Photo with Clearly visible fish
  • Photo with Clearly visible Hunt card
  • Hunt Tape measure to highlight the length of the fish

Beyond this we would also like to request (especially if the fish is aimed at the Specimen Hunt where pictures will be displayed) that the fish is unbloodied to help promote a good image for the sport.


Species Hunt - john dory

1. Species Hunt- Badges will be awarded each time you surpass a certain number of species caught;

  • Competent species hunter - 15 species
  • Efficient species hunter - 30 species
  • Advanced species hunter - 45 species
  • Expert species hunter - 60 species
  • Elite species hunter - 75 species
  • Master species hunter - 100 species

At the end of the year there will be two winners; Senior and Junior (under 16 on 31 March 2015) who have caught the most number of species. Each will win £750 worth of sea fishing Tackle from Tronixpro and Breakaway Tackle.

Species specimen hunt - ray 550

2. Specimen Hunt- Badges will be awarded every time you achieve one of the 35 specimen size fish (maximum 1 badge per species see back of hunt card for specimen sizes)

In addition for every Issue of Sea Fishing Magazine there will be awards for selected specimen fish these will be; Tronixpro rig winder boxes and winders, spools of rig body line, spools of main line and good quality rig-making components from Breakaway Tackle.


> December 2014 update

Uptake so far has been fantastic and entrants and entries keep flooding in. Please also join our social media page at and join the conversation. Get fishing, and get your pictures to us – you never know: you could be one of the winners next month!


To see a full break down of all the Species Hunters positions please head over to our partners at Sea Fishing Magazine who host the current standings HERE.

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