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For far too long anglers have paid for freshwater rod licences without any clear explanation of what we get for our money. There are widespread reports of money from rod licences being used for other purposes in the EA regions and generous management fees being siphoned off for general administration. There is no formal mechanism for anglers to decide how our money is spent.

While revenue from rod licence sales increases year-on-year, the Government has consistently reduced the fisheries Grant in Aid which should be paid to recognise the value of fisheries work for the rest of society. The increasing burden on anglers to pay a larger and larger proportion of the cost of fisheries work must be reversed. All too often fisheries funds are used to pay for the cost of others. activities: restocking rivers after pollution incidents, measuring low flows caused by over-abstraction, or paying for fisheries assessments of hydropower applications. The polluters, abstractors and developers should pay, not anglers.

Attempts to introduce a licence for sea anglers have been successfully opposed in the past and the Angling Trust will continue to oppose the introduction of a licence for sea anglers.

What we will do:
  • Press for clear reports to be provided by the Environment Agency to explain how anglers. money is spent in each region and nationally on fisheries functions.
  • Introduce a national steering group with representatives from the Angling Trust and senior management of the Environment Agency to oversee fisheries expenditure.
  • Lobby for the decline in Government Grant in Aid to be stopped and reversed.
  • Complete the formation of Angling Trust regional forums to provide a clear steer about how regional and national fisheries funds should be spent.
What we could do with more resources:
  • Campaign to increase the strength of angling representation on Regional Fisheries Recreation and Ecology Advisory Committees and ensure that they are involved in the Angling Trust regional structure.
  • Develop formal consultation at a regional level to set the priorities for fisheries work.
  • Launch concerted political campaigns for Government Grant in Aid to increase in line with income from licence fees at a fixed ratio.

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