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Population growth, increasing per capita consumption of water and climate change are all conspiring to create a water management crisis in many parts of England. In 2006 there were widespread droughts and water shortages; in 2007 tens of thousands of people had their homes flooded. These natural events have been made worse by a failure to get a grip on spiralling water use, uncontrolled development and bad land and water management. Abstraction, land drainage and surface water flooding all damage the habitat on which fish depend to survive and thrive.

Most tap water is wasted, rather than used. We need to cut out this waste so that we can have plenty of water to use and maintain healthy water levels in lakes and rivers. New building developments need to be water-friendly and existing buildings need to be retrofitted with efficient appliances. More storage needs to be built into urban and rural catchments to reduce peaks of run off which cause sewers to overflow and damaging run-off. Generations of engineers have straightened rivers and drained land to speed precious water out to sea as fast as possible. This causes low flows in the summer and worse flooding during times of heavy rain.

What we will do:
  • We will continue to put pressure on the Government and its agencies to implement the measures proposed in the Blueprint for Water (
  • We will campaign locally and nationally to ensure that water bodies achieve good ecological status as defined by the Water Framework Directive, through the Our Rivers campaign ( in partnership with Association of Rivers Trusts, WWF and the RSPB.
  • Where possible we will use the law to challenge decisions and activities which will affect water flows on behalf of our members, and seek compensation for damage caused.
  • We will respond to consultations and influence policies which affect water resources to ensure that fisheries are better protected.
What we could do with more resources:
  • Take more aggressive and concerted legal action to control abstraction.
  • Appoint more experts to analyse the problems caused by low flows and land drainage.
  • Campaign locally and nationally for better water usage and management.
  • Appoint local representatives who could monitor new proposed abstractions and campaign to local councils and the Environment Agency for more sustainable water management.
  • Develop high profile political campaigns, and if necessary use judicial reviews to force government action.

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