Anglers with Disabilities National Championship

3 October 2020 11:00 AM - 3 October 2020 4:00 PM
HQ Marsh Farm Fishery, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey. GU8 5AE
Members only

The National Championship for Anglers with Disabilities is open to individual members of the Angling Trust. Competitors must be 16 years of age or over on the day of the match. You can join here

This is an individual event scored by overall weight, the winner will become the National Champion of Anglers with Disabilities 2020.

Following the purchase of your ticket competitors must submit proof of their disability by 30/09/20. You can submit this information via email to [email protected]
Failure to provide this information will result in entry to the event being refused
Evidence/Documentation which will count as proof is: Blue Badge, Industrial Disablement Pension Letter, Concessionary Licence, Disability Living Allowance Form

For more information about the National Championship for Anglers with Disabilities click here.

Closing date for entries: Friday 11th September at 3.30pm (pegs are limited and served on a first come first served basis).

Anglers should follow the specific guidance which applies to the place in which they live. The UK government have made clear that individuals must take responsibility for their own actions and we would ask anglers not to undermine this point by breaking government guidance on travel.
If an angler were found to have travelled illegally then this would be a police matter and we would work with the police as requested to provide any information we were in possession of. It is entirely possible that should an angler travel illegally to fish a competition that they could be disqualified and it is for this reason we are offering anglers travelling from outside of England to fish our competitions the opportunity to claim a full refund within timescales laid out.

Cancellation/Refunds: Please note: If you wish to cancel a ticket, please inform [email protected] by email, and include your name, the name of the qualifier you would like to cancel, your membership number & post code. We require 7 days notice prior to the qualifier in order to process a refund. Any notification outside of this time scale will not be entitled to receive a refund. Please note: There is no secondary market for the sale or transfer of any tickets.

How to enter

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HQ Marsh Farm Fishery, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey. GU8 5AE

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