RiverFest 2021 – Pools Payment Only

19 June 2021 - 5 September 2021
Various Venues
Open to all

For 2021 RiverFest pools & peg fees will be payable online. The pools/peg fee payment will be £25.00 total and is split as follows: £20.00 Pools / £5.00 Peg Fee. 

Please select the correct match from the list below & click “Get Ticket”. You will then be asked to pay £25.00 for the pools & peg fee. You will need to purchase the pools for each match individually. You will receive an email confirmation once purchased. Please check your spam folder if it isn’t in your inbox.

The cut off date for paying the pools/peg fee for each qualifier will be 4.30pm the Wednesday prior to the match. No pools/peg fee payments will be accepted after this closing date under any circumstances. Anyone not entered into the pools at this time, will not be eligible for a pools payout. Anyone who has not paid their £25.00 will be required to pay their peg fee to the organiser on the morning instead.

No pools will be accepted on the day of the match & payouts will be made from the AT office via BACS. We will be in touch in the week after the match to collect bank details for payouts.

If you have purchased pools by mistake or for the incorrect match, these cannot be transferred so will need to be refunded. If you need to request a refund please inform [email protected] by email, and include your name, the venue for the pools you have incorrectly booked, your membership number & post code.

How to enter

First – you must LOG OUT of your account. This is because anyone trying to purchase multiple pools payments will be blocked after the first one.

R. Calder Pools/Peg Fee - 19th June £25.00
Sold Out
R. Trent, Newark 1 Pools/Peg Fee - 20th June £25.00
Sold Out
R. Severn, Bewdley Pools/Peg Fee - 26th June £25.00
W. Avon, Stratford 1 Pools/Peg Fee - 27th June £25.00
R. Weaver Pools/Peg Fee - 3rd July £25.00
R. Trent, Caythorpe Pools/Peg Fee - 3rd July £25.00
R. Nene Pools/Peg Fee - 4th July £25.00
Tidal Trent 1 Pools/Peg Fee - 10th July £25.00
R. Severn, Bridgnorth Pools/Peg Fee - 10th July £25.00
R. Don Pools/Peg Fee - 11th July £25.00
R. Trent, Burton Joyce 1 Pools/Peg Fee - 17th July £25.00
R. Trent, Newark 2 Pools/Peg Fee - 18th July £25.00
R. Trent, Burton Joyce 2 Pools/Peg Fee - 24th July £25.00
Bristol Avon Pools/Peg Fee - 25th July £25.00
R. Medway Pools/Peg Fee - 31st July £25.00
W. Avon, Twyford Pools/Peg Fee - 31st July £25.00
W. Avon, Stratford 2 Pools/Peg Fee - 1st Aug £25.00
R. Thames, Clanfield Pools/Peg Fee - 7th Aug £25.00
R. Yare Pools/Peg Fee - 15th Aug £25.00
R. Trent, Burton on Trent Pools/Peg Fee - 15th Aug £25.00
R. Soar Pools/Peg Fee - 21st Aug £25.00
R. Trent, Trent Lock Pools/Peg Fee - 22nd Aug £25.00
R. Thames, Abingdon Pools/Peg Fee - 22nd Aug £25.00
R. Thames, Reading Pools/Peg Fee - 4th Sept £25.00
Tidal Trent 2 Pools/Peg Fee - 5th Sept £25.00

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