Tidefest 2021

12 September 2021 9:00 AM - 12 September 2021 2:00 PM
Draw: Strand on the Green, Kew Bridge, London, W4 3RE
Open to all

40 peg open

£1,000 prize money plus pools and trophy

Prize monies: 1st place – £500; 2nd – £400; 3rd – £200; 4th – £100 plus £50 per 5 peg section. (overall match winners excluded). Winners cheques available on the day.

We will be fishing two zones; the gravel foreshore downstream of Kew Bridge at Strand on the Green on the north bank, and below Barnes railway bridge on the south. In all sections there are large shoals of roach, dace and bream. Waders are essential and wading up to thigh depth is allowed within the confines of your peg. All species can be weighed in except eels.

Cost: £20.00 all in – £15.00 pools plus £5.00 ticket – proceeds to Get Hooked on Fishing

Please see the linked document below for full information including parking, refreshments, prize giving, etc.


Draw: 7.00am Brentford Boating Arch, Kew Bridge, Strand on the Green, W4 3RE

Tides: High – 6am 6.9m. Low – 1.30pm 0.8m

Fishing: Five hours from 8.30am – 1.30pm (depending on tide height)

Zones: A) Strand on the Green. B) Barnes foreshore

Continental Payout: Top Four prizes alternating by zone

Tickets also available from:

Tackle Up – 151 Fleet Road, Fleet GU51 3PD. tel 01252 616129

How to enter

Ticket sales are now over.


Draw: Strand on the Green, Kew Bridge, London, W4 3RE

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