Get Fishing Approved Award

What is ‘Get Fishing Approved Award’?

It is the Angling Trust’s national accreditation scheme for angling clubs and fisheries which meet the national standard for all quality sports organisations, recognised across the country.

Get Fishing Approved was introduced for all sports organisations, to provide a focus around which national governing bodies, Sport England, sports coach UK, Child Protection in Sport Unit, County Sports Partnerships, English Federation of Disability Sport, Women’s Sports Foundation, Sporting Equals, local authorities and others can come together to support good practice in all sports organisations working with children and young people. Get Fishing Approved takes these directions and focuses them around angling clubs, making it more specific to angling.

Why do ‘Get Fishing Approved Award?’

Clubs achieving the Get Fishing Approved Award are recognised as providing a safe, effective and child friendly fishing environment.

Those organisations that obtain Get Fishing Approved Award have been able to clearly demonstrate that they follow approved minimum operating standards.

Country Sports Partnerships and funding agencies are increasingly recognising these organisations and choosing to work with them as a priority.

The Environment Agency is keen to help and support the growth of angling and is committed to working with organisations that achieve accreditation.

Achieving this Award also sends a clear message to parents that their needs have been thoroughly considered and addressed.

It has raised the club’s profile, helped us to recruit new members, enabled us to build up an extensive stack of loan tackle and granted us access to funds which would not have been available to us without it. I would therefore unhesitatingly recommend the new Get Fishing Approved Award to any club that is seriously considering its future development. Its acquisition can only be beneficial to your future plans as indeed is it central to ours

Martyn Green, Coordinator, Baywater Anglers

What are the Benefits?

The Benefits identified by clubs who have already obtained Get Fishing Approved Award include:

  • easier access to grants offered by Sport England and local authorities
  • more professional management of the organisation
  • support to develop a modernised quality assured organisation
  • improved integration between the organisation and local schools and community
  • increased publicity and in the press, websites and local media
  • increased membership levels of both adults and juniors
  • improved availability and quality of coaches and coaching
  • more recognition and support from County Sports Partnership, local authorities and schools
  • higher profile of the organisation within the local community
  • increased safety for all members
  • improved framework and focus on future club development
  • a serious and professional approach from members to the development of the organisation
  • accreditation is FREE to Angling Trust members

To find out how to gain the Get Fishing Approved Award please see the attached evidence document:

For further information on Get Fishing Approved Award then please get in touch with: Get Fishing Approved Club Evidence Pack April 2020

Darren Birch, national Get Fishing Approved Lead Officer

[email protected]