FinVision is a collaborative partnership led by the University of Plymouth with the Angling Trust, Southern IFCA, the Institute of Fisheries Management, Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society, National Mullet Club and the Association of IFCAsfunded by Defra’s Fisheries Industry Science Partnership which will deploy underwater cameras in key coastal and estuarine habitats in the south west, such as Plymouth Sound Marine National Park. FinVision aims to learn more about the preferred habitat of recreationally important species during their juvenile life stages.

Why is FinVision important?

Understanding which types of habitat are essential for juvenile fish is vital to promoting sustainable fisheries and safeguarding the future of our sport. Recreationally important species like bass, grey mullet and flounder rely on inshore and estuarine areas for the first years of their life. FinVision aims to identify which habitats in these areas are important for which species. With these findings we can better advocate for policy decisions and decisive action that protects these vulnerable early life stages, such as through Essential Fish Habitat Mapping and Fisheries Management Plans.

How Can I Get Involved with FinVision?

Through FinVision the partnership will deploy a ‘smart’ underwater camera system (known as a JHaM-Cam unit), capable of seeing the smallest juvenile life-stages of fish, in a range of inshore habitats. Later in the year, anglers, and other members of the public, will be able to join in analysing the videos by counting the numbers and size of fish living in different types of habitat via a specially-developed interactive website.

Training workshops on fish identification will be lead by the Institute of Fisheries Management. Sign up will be available soon.

The Angling Trust are hosting a Virtual Sea Angling Forum on how to get involved with FinVision on Thursday 30th November. Sign up here.

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