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The Angling Trust campaigns for the issues that matter to you. Whether that’s fighting to keep our rivers flowing, battling the plastic pollution that’s suffocating our waterways or ensuring recreational angling has a voice at the table – we put your interests and those of our beloved sport at the heart of everything we do. 

By joining the Angling Trust, you can support our efforts to create a bright future for angling in the UK. 

Anglers Against Pollution

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07 May 2021

Campaign Update: Progress Made on Admiralty…

Sign the petition now to save angling on Admiralty Pier, Dover.  On Thursday 6th May, representative…
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07 May 2021

Benyon Review on HPMAs: Government response…

In June 2020 the Benyon Review on Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) was published. While welcomi…
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Anglers Against Litter Emily Smith Dom Garnett
Anglers Against Litter
07 May 2021

Anglers lead spring clean up!

From drowned trollies to discarded drugs, anglers have been removing waste from our waterways this s…
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