Anglers Against Litter

Awards day at Partridge Lakes for our litter heroes!

The Angling Trust and Shimano hosted an awards day at Partridge Lakes Fishery in Cheshire to honour some truly deserving winners for their outstanding voluntary work in protecting our water environments.

Our Volunteers Week event was a huge success, bringing together Anglers Against Litter volunteers from across the country to celebrate their contributions.

The winners enjoyed an all-expenses-paid day of fishing on this exclusive water with Shimano ambassadors Nick Speed and Shaun Cameron, who provided tuition and the chance to try out some Shimano gear.


Congratulations to the award winners: David Brunet, Ron Wood, Steve Lile, Michael Rhodes, and the team of Little Britain Anglers, who received a club award. The winners received a whole load of goodies for the day including plenty of free bait to keep the catches coming, Angling Trust and Shimano branded clothing, a Shimano Tribal dry bag, a ‘Chilly’s’ insulated bottle and a framed certificate recognising their community contributions.

A huge thanks to all the Shimano team & Partridge Lakes for their support, and for hosting the day and making it thoroughly enjoyable.

Highlights of the Year from Anglers Against Litter:

  • Community Clean-Up Drives: We have now funded 150 angling clubs with litter picking kit – sponsored by Shimano. Each club commits to at least 2 litter picks a year – but most do many more. Since Shimano came onboard there have been over 450 litter picks engaging more than 1,370 volunteers. Thanks to these efforts the angling clubs and volunteers involved have significantly improved the health of our waterways – for anglers, and everybody else!
  • Keep Britain Tidy Award: We are proud to announce that Anglers Against Litter won the prestigious Keep Britain Tidy Best Business Partnership Award. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in our campaign and especially all the volunteer litter pickers.
  • National Line Recyling Scheme: The Angling Trust continues to support the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme, with many anglers and fisheries/clubs across the country sending their old line and spools to be recycled rather than going to landfill.

Join the Cause: We invite everyone to continue supporting our mission to keep Britain’s waterways litter free. Participation is crucial. Get your club to sign up. There has never been a better time to make you contribution as we are currently running our national litter survey. Download the Snapshot Litter Survey Guide & Sheet, fill it out and submit it to help us track litter hotspots and trends.

Together, anglers make a significant difference in keeping our waterways clean and healthy. Thank you for your ongoing support, and let’s make the next year even more impactful for Anglers Against Litter.

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