MATCH ACE Kristian Jones has scooped the Cazoo FishOMania 2022 title by the finest of margins in a tense clash of match fishing’s titans at Westwood Lakes, Boston.

The Ellesmere Port, Cheshire angler earned himself a £50,000 payday thanks to his 56.750kg haul from the venue’s Falcon Lake and won by just 410g – effectively one fish – over fellow North-West angler Andy Dyson.

It was a mammoth 10kg final weigh in which delivered the victory for the 23-year-old professional angling coach, despite being told by his bank runner that it might not be his day.

Kristian, drawn on peg 10, struggled with the consistency of front runners Artur Hilmi, Andy Power, and Andy Dyson early in the match with all three plundering the lake’s F1s with their shallow fishing tactics.

“My bank runner kept telling me I was too far behind and to fish for second,” revealed Kristian. “I know the lake well and expected shallow fishing to play a part for me but during the lulls I kept feeding the edge and I started to see some fish come in, so I binned off fishing shallow and I concentrated on my edge.

“When I went down the edge, I started to catch some proper carp – the first fish in the sixth weigh in was a 6lb carp – and knew that if they kept coming, I could catch up with Art catching F1s.”


Art Hilmi and Andy Power were the duo trading punches in the early rounds with Power taking the lead from Hilmi on several occasions by tiny margins.

Hilmi looked to have taken victory with just 5kg separating him and Dyson going into the final weigh-in before Jones knocked the pair out the park with his strong finish.

Kristian went on a run from the sixth weigh in to close the gap before sealing the deal in monumental style. His 8.5kg got him going in the sixth weigh in and was followed by 6.4kg in the seventh, 5.3kg in the eighth, 8.50kg in the ninth and the final 10.325kg put the trophy and cheque in his arms.

“You don’t think it’s going to happen until it happens. I still didn’t believe it when they told me at the end,” he added.




1 Kristian Jones, 56.750kg (Peg 10) – £50,000

2 Andy Dyson, 56.340kg (Peg 1) – £10,000

3 Art Hilmi, 56.150kg (Peg 15) – £2,000

4 Andy Power, 51.275kg (Peg 19)

5 Paul Wright, 45.5kg (Peg 25)

FishOMania 2022 heads to Westwood Lakes & new spot for the Angling Trust Junior & Youth National Champion

FishOMania will head to Westwood Lakes, Boston, Lincolnshire on Saturday, July 23.

 The annual £50,000 match has become a huge part of the angling season and English summer and will feature 25 of the best anglers for the first time battling it out for the title, including defending champion Harry Bignell who won by the biggest ever margin in history in 2021.

The 25th spot at FishOMania will be taken up by the individual winner of the 2022 Angling Trust Junior &  Youth National, based on highest overall weight. They will be joined by 22 qualifiers, Bignell and the Women’s National champion making this the biggest ever field in FishOMania history. An Angling Trust Spokesperson said “This qualification process gives younger anglers in the Junior/Youth National the amazing opportunity to qualify directly for the FishOMania final – in our view, if they are good enough, they are old enough. This follows the same format as the Ladies National where the angler with the highest individual weight takes a spot in the FishOMania Final.”

The qualifying spot on offer for the winner of the Junior & Youth National will replace NXTGen for 2022.

Matchroom Multi Sport Managing Director Emily Frazer said: “We’re delighted to be taking the grand final of FishOMania to Westwood Lakes for the first time. Westwood have hosted qualifiers for a while, and we’ve been impressed with the facilities and lakes at the venue. We’re also so excited to welcome the angler with the highest weight from the Junior & Youth National to FishOMania. This offers a fantastic opportunity for exposure to the winner and the opportunity to fish for £50,000 amongst the best anglers in the world.”

The grand final will take place on the Falcon Lake at Westwood Lakes and owner Alan Coupland is delighted: “This is for all the staff who have worked so hard over the last 20 years and got the fishery up to a good standard. It’s tough work and they will all reap the rewards now. It’s a nice accolade to have. It’s the pinnacle of your career as a fishery owner. We never expected it. It’s been brilliant. We haven’t said too much just yet, I am sure once it gets out there it will be a revelation. The area is synonymous with fishing over the years, and we are very happy and ready to host FishOMania.”

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