You may already be assisting in activities within an angling club or project but want to consider becoming a qualified and licensed angling coach.  Here you can find out more about acquiring relevant skills and knowledge to help you achieve that.

If you want to check whether an existing Level 1 or 2 coach in your area is currently licensed, please click here:

[This list is normally updated on a fortnightly basis.]


How We Develop Our Coaches


From the initial thoughts of becoming a coach, your personal journey into coaching begins. We encourage coaches to improve their skills and knowledge regularly so as to provide angling with the highest possible professional standards.

The first steps through Event Support Volunteer and Angling Lead Coach are followed by opportunities through Continued Professional Development courses and bulletins through the All In! monthly newsletter, plus an invitation to our yearly coaching conference.



The Angling Trust’s Coaching Centre currently offers two qualifications:


Event Support Volunteer  and Level 2 Angling Event Lead Coach.

These qualifications aren’t designed to teach you how to fish or make you a more proficient angler.  They’re concerned with building on your existing knowledge and experience, giving you the coaching skills and tools to assist others in learning the sport and achieving their potential as anglers.

Many people who ask about becoming a coach refer to their own love for the sport generating a need to “give something back”.


Our Level 2 Coaching Courses & other workshops


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