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Get Fishing

Get Fishing is the Angling Trust’s campaign to get more people fishing more often. Each year we run hundreds of events for all ages and abilities. Get Fishing angling events are for anyone who wants to get into fishing, get back into angling or find out where to go fishing, who to go fishing with, what to use to start fishing and how to go fishing for the first time.

Have a Go! Get Fishing beginner angling events:

Our Get Fishing events are No-Cost/Low-Cost beginner sessions where you can learn to fish or get back into angling after a break. Nearly all of them are completely FREE!
Note: It’s worth just double-checking events are running on the day – please call or contact the event organiser to confirm before you set off.

How to get started with fishing – what you need to know:

We realise that getting into fishing for the first time can be a bit confusing with loads of types of tackle, places to go, baits to use and types of fish! Don’t worry – starting out with a basic beginner fishing kit is really easy and we have Family Friendly Fishing Venues that will show you exactly how to fish and what to use. Simple!

Where to go and what to do – angling for all:

Find out places, videos and news to Get Fishing! We can also help find easy access venues for people of all ages and abilities and because angling is such a brilliant way to spend time outdoors and active in nature – in fact we’ve got a whole section on how fishing is an activity which can benefit your health and wellbeing.

Family Friendly Fishing Venues:

If you are looking for a place to take the whole family fishing then try one of our Family Friendly Fishing Venues – these are the perfect place if you are looking for a day out with facilities for the whole family from Grandparents through to toddlers! Everyone will be welcome and you can fish together in comfort and get advice on what to use and the kind of fish to catch.


How to get into fishing

Don't know what equipment to use, what to buy, where to go or how to catch a fish? We've got all the answers you need...

Get Fishing - Fly Fishing Landing a Fish
Get Fishing Resources
01 January 2016

How to start game fishing –…

About Game Fishing: Game fishing is the second most widespread type of freshwater angling in England…
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Sea Event 1 Get Fishing-2000px x 1000px
Get Fishing Resources
01 January 2016

How to start sea fishing –…

About sea fishing: The UK’s coastline offers up one of the richest opportunities for sea angling to…
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Girl fishing with a skimmer bream
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01 January 2016

How to start coarse fishing –…

About coarse fishing: Coarse fishing is the most widespread type of angling in England. In this kind…
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Get Fishing Events

Find beginner and returner friendly angling events for all abilities with fisheries, clubs and coaches all over the country...

Our Get Fishing events are perfect for families looking for beginner sessions where you can learn to fish or get back into angling after a break. Also check out our Family Friendly Fishing Venues where you can all enjoy finding out how to get into fishing and what to use for the first time!


Where can I go fishing?

Use our interactive maps to find essential information to help you get the most out of your fishing.


Search for Family Friendly Fishing Venues, river levels, tackle shops, clubs and coaches – near to your home or further afield. Remember, when you get into fishing you must have a rod fishing licence for freshwater fishing in England and Wales. It’s quick and easy to get a fishing licence online, or by phone.


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We Fish As One

Fishing is for everyone.


Fishing is for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you live, anyone can get into fishing and enjoy its health and wellbeing benefits. We want to ensure our angling community reflects society as a whole and We Fish as One is the Angling Trust’s long-term community inclusion campaign that promotes the power of fishing as a community building activity so that people from all backgrounds experience the life-changing benefits of angling.


Get Fishing news

Read what's happening with our events as well as tips and info to help get you started or back into angling



We've got a selection of How To Fish videos to help you start to fish, get back into angling or find the right rod fishing licence


Freshwater Coarse Fishing – What You Need To Know To Get Into Fishing

Freshwater Game Fishing – What You Need To Know To Get Into Fishing

Marine Sea Fishing – What You Need To Know To Get Into Fishing


Get a fishing licence before you go

When you buy a fishing licence your money goes back into making angling better for all

You need to get a rod fishing licence before you go fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel with a rod and line in England (except the River Tweed), Wales and the Border Esk region of Scotland. You must always carry your rod fishing licence when you get into fishing or you could be prosecuted – the penalties include fines up to £2,500 and a criminal record.


Get Fishing for Wellbeing

About the Get Fishing for Wellbeing project


Angling offers the opportunity to escape the demands of a busy work and home life by surrounding yourself in nature and wildlife away from a world of technology. It provides an opportunity for our minds to rest and reset and can be a meditative pastime that often happens in places where the wonders of nature are very evident.


Fishmark - the Angling Trust Acrreditation for Clubs & Fisheries

Get your club or fishery involved - we'll help at every step of the way


Fishmark is the Angling Trust’s FREE national accreditation scheme for angling clubs and fisheries that meet the national standards for safeguarding and development. Fishmark is recognised across the country as a kind of “Kitemark” for all quality sports organisations. Find out how your club or fishery can get its Fishmark Certificate…


Accessible Angling

Angling is an inclusive, accessible activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and communities.


Fishing helps motivate people to get outdoors and active while enjoying a great activity together. It spans generation gaps that other sports sometimes cannot overcome. To get into fishing and find places to fish with accessible facilities check out our venue listings or search the British Disabled Angling Association’s “Find a Fishery” section.


About Get Fishing

Who we are and how we are funded

The Angling Trust’s ‘Get Fishing’ campaign is proudly supported by
Shakespeare, Exclusive Tackle Partner and Angling Direct, Exclusive Retail Partner
as we all work towards getting more people fishing, more often.


The Get Fishing campaign to get more people fishing more often is funded by the Environment Agency from fishing licence income as part of the National Angling Strategic Services contract with the Angling Trust, and Sport England. Children under 13 do not need a licence, and licences for children aged between 13 and 16 are free but you still need to register and receive a licence before you go fishing. You can get a licence for the full year, for 8 days (ideal for holidays!) or just a day’s fishing.

NOTE: Although young children who are under 13 year old do not need a licence to fish, the person supervising them needs to have the proper fishing licence before they take hold of the fishing rod or help the child fish with it.

If there’s something that you cannot find here to help you start fishing or return to angling, please contact your local Regional Angling Development Officer – you can find the nearest one to where you want to go fishing here.





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