Level 2

This qualification is for those who have some experience in coaching angling and would like to lead in a position of coaching, whether independently, within a club or at a fishery. Lead coaches will plan and deliver coaching activities as well as directing the operations of Angling Support Coaches in a safe and appropriate environment.

Most coaches are likely to have taken their Level 1 qualification through Angling Trust’s own Coaching Centre, and the Centre staff would therefore have access to the record of certification. Alternatively, if you qualified through a different organisation such as Angling Cymru we’ll welcome you onto one of our Level 2 courses, but we’ll ask you to supply a copy of your 1st4sport certificate.

The cost of a Level 1 course is £345, which includes tuition, registration and certification.  In addition you’ll be eligible after qualification to take up the first year of coach licensing without the usual annual fee.

The qualification deals with coaching skills, and all public courses are open to Coarse, Game or Sea anglers.

Level 2 Courses and Workshops


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