Angling Event Lead Coach Level 2

This qualification is for those with some experience in coaching angling who would like to lead in a position of coaching, whether independently, within a club or at a fishery. Lead coaches can plan and deliver coaching activities and direct the operations of Angling Support Coaches in a safe and appropriate environment.

Requirements for joining a Level 2 course

  • Suitable experience in any angling discipline (Coarse, Game or Sea)
  • Age at least 18 by the first day of your selected course

You don’t need to be the angling equivalent of a concert pianist, but equally this isn’t the starting point for most people.  You’ll bring your own experience and expertise to it and we hope that everyone will learn something new to them.


The cost of a Level 2 Angling Event Coach course is £290, which includes tuition, registration and certification but not travel, meals or accommodation.  In addition you’ll be eligible after qualification to take up the first year of Event Lead Coach licensing without the usual annual fee.

The qualification deals with coaching skills, and all public courses are open to Coarse, Game or Sea anglers.  You don’t need Angling Trust membership to take part, as you will be eligible for a year’s free Coach Licensing after qualification.

Please note that although DBS checking is NOT a requirement for taking or passing a qualification, coaches wishing to take up licensing after certification will need to undertake the appropriate category of Enhanced DBS check, which Angling Trust will process.  There will be information about arranging this after booking for a specific event has been confirmed.

Traditional attended format delivery

  • A course will start with two days working with your tutor and the other coaches in this course group.  You book online for the three dates scheduled for your selected event (you must attend all the days of your course).
  • After the first group sessions you’ll normally have two to four weeks in which to deliver four linked and progressive coaching sessions which you have planned.  (You would do this with your own club, project, fishery or other organisation, not with the tutor and the rest of your group.)
  • Along with your completed coursework, you bring the plans, risk assessments and evaluations from your linked sessions to the final day of your course.  Your tutor will assess everything and give you feedback.
  • Providing you have supplied evidence of the required First Aid training, Angling Trust can normally apply for your qualification certificate shortly after the final assessment day.

When further schedules are set up we will add them to the carousel shown below and at the base of the main coaching webpage.  Coaching Centre staff won’t know in advance what new events may be arranged — if no course of the kind you’re seeking is showing on the carousel, then we don’t yet have that information to share with you.  Why not ask to join our Enquiry List?

Getting in touch about coaching courses/joining the Enquiry List

For enquiries about Level 2 courses please use these contact details:

Email — [email protected] or [email protected] (Coaching Centre Administrator)

Telephone — 0115 822 4626

(0900-1700 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

Contact details for Licensed Coach Scheme administration:

E: [email protected]

T:  0115 822 4538


Level 2 Courses and Workshops


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