Anglers Against Pollution

Anglers Against Pollution On Tour: Join us to stand up for our waters!

In this general election year, politicians must respond to the concerns anglers hold about the fragile health of our waters. The Angling Trust’s Anglers Against Pollution campaign, supported by Orvis and Angling Direct, is pivotal in advancing this effort.

Recent rallies in the Test valley and Newbury were successful in presenting anglers at the centre of the debate, engaging the local community, garnering media attention, and demanding solutions from our politicians and water regulators.

There’s more to come. We’re supporting a protest in Yorkshire this May and organising an anglers’ block at the Restore Nature Now protest in London on 22nd June. Please show your support by joining us, keep a watch on socials for details.

Take Action: If your favourite fishing spots are suffering from pollution and you want to organise a protest, get in touch, we can help: [email protected]

Your voice matters. Stand with us to safeguard our rivers, lakes, seas, and fish!

Support Anglers Against Pollution – find out more here.


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