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5 Star Feedback on how to “Get Back Into Angling”

Our Angling Development Officer Daniel Williams has let us know about a brilliant Get Back Into Angling session run in partnership with Mere Beck Fishery, Lancashire…

I’ve been working with Gordon Imrie at Mere Beck Fly Fishing this year to run “Get Back Into…” and “Let’s Go Family Fishing” sessions. It’s been a pleasure getting to know the team at this well-run and progressive fishery. They clearly have the best needs of anglers and their families close to heart. That runs through Mere Beck’s aim to provide a quality experience for people who want to go fishing in the surrounding area of Lancashire that I cover.

Gordon understands the importance of not only helping to introduce newcomers to fishing but also to encourage people who haven’t been fishing for a while to come back to angling and rediscover the sport they love.

Sometimes people just need a bit of help to work out the latest tackle and flies, and sometimes anglers want to try a different branch of angling – they might have grown up fishing for roach, dace or gudgeon but for whatever reason it’s now fly fishing for trout, grayling or salmon that appeals.

I can understand this myself because fly fishing for me can often be a “grab-it-and-go” activity where you only need a short amount of time, a small box of flies and a rod stashed in the car to make the best of a few spare hours at the waterside…

Last weekend the gods of angling smiled down and a combination of great weather and a bit of careful promotion by myself and Gordon and the help of angling coaches Ian and Nicole resulted in a fully booked Get Back Into Angling session at the fishery.

One attendee Mark let us know: “I went to the”Get Fishing” event at Mere Beck Fishery yesterday. Although I recently started a month ago game fishing. This more than filled in the blanks, I caught one, but lost it whilst playing it! I am hoping to see the video up here at some point, as proof… LOL! Danny Williams and the professional coaches from Laird Fly Fishing were excellent, the facilities and fishing offered at Mere Beck were first rate. I cannot recommend it enough. Anyone who is interested in fishing for the first time, or needing tips to get back into it since they last went should look up an event near you… 5 Star.

We had a great time and I’m confident that all of the anglers left knowing how, when and where to fish and what to use to put a trout or grayling in the back of the (landing) net! It’s been good for Gordon too because these newly-returned anglers will always know where they can go fishing right on their doorstep.

The venue and coaches got really positive feedback. Everyone who came said they’d be returning to Mere Beck now that they know the venue. Ian & Nicole the coaches at Laird Fly Fishing received glowing reports too. Most importantly (for me) the attendees all said they’d recommend the ‘Get Back Into Angling’ programme to a friend – this means that this event and others like it are playing their part in boosting angler numbers and making our sport stronger in future.

More feedback:

Absolutely excellent. Has got me ready to get back into fly fishing. I would recommend this day to anybody who would like to fly fish.

I found the session very informative as you forget things from the past, and it also brings you up to date on the latest techniques plus the knowledgeable advice is a bonus. Get Back Into Angling covered everything I wanted to brush up on.

Excellent course, good clear instruction.

The instructors are very experienced, patient and able to explain in easy to understand language how to assess the venue for the type of flys to use, how the fish are feeding and how to cast successfully. The session was run very efficiently and professionally.

Get Back Into Angling is perfect for anyone who used to go fishing but has stopped for whatever reason. If you’ve thought you’d like to start fishing again, but have just been too busy with work, family or whatever, these sessions are an ideal opportunity to get back into angling!

Search Get Fishing events for more like them. Can’t find a session near you? Just get in touch with me (…details below) and I’ll try to arrange a fly, predator, coarse or carp “get back into” session that matches what you want.

Likewise I’m really keen to hear from any clubs, coaches or fisheries who want to get help running events like these in the North East, Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, East Midlands and East Anglia areas that I cover – get in touch!

Thanks to everyone who made this such a brilliant day,


Daniel Williams
Angling Development Officer (North), Angling Trust
[email protected]
07854 240 368

Find out more about Mere Beck Fishery at
Contact: Gordon Imrie – Fishery Manager
01704 821 006
[email protected]

The “Get Fishing” campaign and its Get Back Into Angling initiative is run by the Angling Trust to increase the number of people being introduced or returning to angling across the country. Anyone interested in going fishing can find angling events at getfishing”. The events listed are for all participants regardless of gender, age, fitness or previous angling experience.

Angling Participation and the Get Fishing campaign is supported by Environment Agency fishing licence income and helps to introduce thousands of people to fishing each year.

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