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A model venue – chub fishing on the River Colne with Dad by Alex Ray

The other day we saw a nice post on one of Facebook’s single-species fishing groups. If you are on social media anyway, enjoy catching one type of fish or a particular species fascinates you these groups could be worth a look (…more info after the pics below).

Here’s the post, reproduced by kind permission of Alex Ray. You can find the Chub Fishing Group at

Chub fishing on the River Colne

Here’s a small model that I made in tribute to my Dad, who passed away last year.

Its based on a stretch of the River Colne as it meanders through Munden at Bricket Wood where Dad taught me to fish.

We used to have great fun catching roach, dace, perch and the occasional monster chub that lurked in the snags…

Anyhow, hope you enjoy guys! Chub season is well upon us!

Tight lines,


Ownership of words and pictures retained by Alex Ray18 October at 19:34

Top-Tip: If you already use Facebook – for info about single species fishing groups that discuss fish like barbel, chub, trout, salmon, perch or roach try to find “Private Groups” which require an ‘Admin’ (group administrator) to approve requests to join by new members. Any wait while your request for membership of the group is approved can be worth it because groups like this usually have certain rules about conduct, appropriate language, the relevance of group member’s posts, bullying/trolling, advertising and so on – that can make them a friendlier place to be. Such groups might also have guidelines about respecting the privacy of fellow-member’s fishing venues, baits and methods – always handy if you’re a bit of a secret-squirrel angler!

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