Angling Trust statement on River Lugg ‘environmental vandalism’

What does it take to protect our rivers?  This is the question the Angling Trust is asking in response to the wanton destruction of the River Lugg.  The River Lugg is both a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and yet has been subject to what can only be described as an act of environmental vandalism.

Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal, said:

“If permission was granted we will have serious questions as to why anyone could deem this type of activity as appropriate or proportionate. If the landowner did not have permission then we are calling upon the Environment Agency and Natural England to use the full extent of their powers to ensure prosecution is forthcoming and that there is a clear deterrent for others considering taking catastrophic action like this.

“Without this action other would-be acts of vandalism will be provided a tacit green light in the knowledge that prosecution is unlikely. In doing so the loser here is the environment and the wildlife which rely upon it. Either way these facts will need to be made public and lessons learned in order to protect our waterways from such horrific mistreatment.”

Fish Legal, the Angling Trust’s sister organisation, have angling club members in the area who are concerned about the effect that damage to salmon and trout spawning grounds will have on their fisheries. They are watching carefully to see whether the criminal investigation which is underway results in any enforcement action by the authorities.

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