Campaign Update – Fighting to Save Angling on Admiralty Pier

Sign the petition to save angling on Admiralty Pier in Dover

Thank you for all your support so far and for adding your voice to this campaign. The petition has now reached over 2,500 signatures showcasing the fantastic support to keep this landmark angling location open. Please keep signing and sharing the petition – the more support, the better.

The Angling Trust is working with the Dover Sea Anglers Association (DSAA) to stop the closure of Admiralty Pier to sea angling and will be meeting with the Dover Harbour Authority on Thursday 6th May 2021.

Admiralty Pier has been a mecca for sea anglers for over 100 years with the Dover Sea Angling Association having held events on the Pier since 1903. It is at the heart of both the local sea angling community in Kent, and the national community, with anglers travelling from across the country and locally to fish off the Pier. Admiralty Pier is a location with huge cultural and historical significance and is a vital sea angling hotspot that supports the local economy and delivers many social benefits to society such as its contribution to health and wellbeing.

When the pier was damaged in the 1987 hurricane the DSAA invested over £180,000 repairing the pier and took on its management. Now Dover Harbour Board are threatening to close Admiralty Pier to angling, for good.

We want to hear from you about your experiences and memories of sea angling off Admiralty Pier – please get in contact if you’d like to share these with us.

Hear from local businesses and anglers on the impacts of closing the pier


Video with thanks to the Fieldsports Channel

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