Still time to have your say on sewage pollution in our rivers

The Angling Trust are deeply concerned about the proposals in the government’s consultation on their storm overflow reduction plan which won’t deliver the clean water our rivers need until 2050.

We need action now to decrease the raw sewage pouring into our rivers.

There’s still time to tell the government how you feel about sewage pollution – we need as many anglers as possible to respond to the government consultation on Storm Overflows before May 12th.

This consultation is in advance of the final storm overflow reduction plan being published in September 2022. There is time, with your support, to make improvements.

The plan has a series of targets covering reductions in the amount of time storm overflows spill, ensuring that when they do spill, they do not cause local ecological harm.

Targets aim to reduce spills at “high priority sites” such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), eutrophic sensitive areas, chalk streams and waters currently failing our ecological standards due to storm overflows, and bathing water sites. Only after that will water companies be required to tackle the remaining storm overflows.

But the target dates they have set are 2035 and 2050. This means we have a 28 year wait until our rivers are free of the damage caused by storm overflows.

The consultation is open until 12th May. You can find it here.

Please watch the video and find out more about how to respond here.


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