Joint Statement: Fishing on Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Angling Trust and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust are pleased to announce that following a constructive meeting last month between themselves and the Nottingham Anglers Association a basis has been established that should see angling resume at the Attenborough Nature Reserve from June 16th 2023.

The meeting, which was attended by the Chief Executives of both organisations – Jamie Cook (AT) and Paul Wilkinson (NWT) – along with Nottingham AA General Secretary David Turner, agreed to restart negotiations on a new licence with the aim of identifying angling opportunities across the nature reserve. Further discussion will focus on the number and distribution of areas for angling, based on accessibility, species and habitat sensitivities, the potential of areas for disabled and/or junior anglers, and consideration of options regarding parking on site.

On the broader issue of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust‘s policy towards angling the following joint statement was agreed to provide clarity and reassurance:

“Whilst Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust recognises the positive benefits of angling and the contribution that anglers make to protecting and enhancing the aquatic environment, there will be situations and areas where angling and other activities will not always be compatible with the objectives and operation of our nature reserves. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and the Angling Trust are committed to working together to develop partnerships to fully engage the angling community in protecting and improving opportunities for wildlife to flourish in and beside our waterways.”

Jamie Cook welcomed the positive response from NWT saying:

“The last thing we want to do is to be falling out with people and organisations who share our determination to protect and improve our rivers, lakes and waterways. Anglers go fishing because they love nature and people join their local Wildlife Trusts for the same reason. We have some great partnerships with other Wildlife Trusts and we look forward to working with our colleagues in Nottinghamshire now they’ve clarified their stance on angling and made clear that it was always their desire to come to an agreement with the Association to continue angling at Attenborough Nature Reserve on a fair and reasonable basis.”

Paul Wilkinson, CEO of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust said:

“We are pleased that positive discussions have resumed about how angling will continue at Attenborough Nature Reserve. Attenborough is a special place for wildlife and for people, and a love of seeing and being in nature, and desire to see it protected and enhanced, is something that is shared by the thousands of people who visit and use the site each year, not least anglers. We look forward to working with the NAA to finalise the new licence agreement, and to exploring opportunities for further partnerships with them.”

David Turner, General Secretary of Nottingham Anglers’ Association added:

“Attenborough has always been a special place for Nottingham anglers and we were sad when negotiations broke down last year over access to fishing on the reserve. We are delighted that with the help of the Angling Trust we are now back on track and look forward sorting out our return next season on the basis of an agreement that is fair to all.”

Attenborough Nature Reserve.

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