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All about the Reel Education schools’ content by teachers for teachers – KS1 and KS2 angling related lessons in maths, art and science

The ‘Reel Education’ programme is a new and innovative angling engagement programme. It is jointly funded in partnership by the Angling Trust and Shakespeare fishing tackle and is another example of the angling trade helping to develop fishing.

The programme is targeted at primary schools and links directly with Key Stage 1, lower and upper Key Stage 2 and in line with national framework for learning, the lesson content encompasses links with the local community facilities, so content has resources for coarse, sea and game.

Find out all about how to get involved in Reel Education on the project’s homepage on the Angling Trust website:

Content was written by teachers for teachers to provide angling related lessons in maths, art and science and differentiated according to ability. Teachers can utilise detailed planning to develop their own lessons, or power point slides to support fully narrated delivery by teaching assistants if required. All supporting resources are downloadable.

In addition to the in-class work, young people get to experience angling related games delivered by Angling Trust qualified and licenced angling coaches. The coach is also responsible for establishing exit routes and pathways to local clubs or fisheries to provide next steps opportunities to try fishing.

The ambition is to work with over 400 schools nationally and have 56,000 young people experiencing the Reel Education programme, over a two year period. Two part time school initiators have been appointed, Neil Wylie in the South and Chris Holden in the North.

Following the delivery of 6 pilot interventions involving over 1,700 children, the volume of interest in next steps to angling is well above anticipated levels. Originally, it was envisaged that between 5 -10% of children would wish to try angling following initial engagement however, this figure is around 60% which is incredibly positive and demonstrates that the sport of angling is still relevant and appealing to young children.

For more information about the Reel Education project or just for a preliminary and informal chat to find out a bit more about a Reel Education session in your school, and what we can offer in terms of our nature based resources that will fill a full day of exercises, activities and lesson plans please contact your School Initiator Chris in the North of England or Neil in the South of England. Thank you!

North of England: [email protected]

South of England: [email protected]

DM us at:


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