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Get Fishing for Wellbeing South

Mayfly Project UK – SOUTH

Changing the lives of children in foster care through fly fishing…

The Mayfly Project UK is a registered charity in England and Wales that uses fly fishing as a catalyst to mentor children and young people in foster care. Our mission is to support children in the foster care system through fly fishing, providing them opportunities to have fun, build self-esteem, learn new skills and develop a meaningful connection with our natural world.

Using trained volunteer mentors and a structured curriculum, our projects are designed to teach fly fishing, conservation and provide opportunities for our mentees to experience the outdoors with a safe mentor. We work with young people aged 8-18, where participants receive 1:1 mentoring over 5 project sessions — offering them an opportunity to escape the pressures of the care system, find solace in nature and develop a love for fly fishing.

For further information please contact Gary Franklin:

 [email protected]

Website –


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