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The Angling Trust submits its response to the D&S IFCA proposals for the netting of Salcombe Estuary

The Angling Trust has now submitted our response to the Devon & Severn IFCA’s public consultation relating to the netting of Salcombe Estuary.

Our response is published in full below, and we encourage each and every angler to submit your own response, using ours as inspiration as you see fit. 

Please do not copy and paste the response. Duplicate responses all get lumped together as one. It is important that as many individual responses are sent in as possible. You may, of course, state “Further to the response provided by the Angling Trust”. 

We would like to thank our Wyvern region, the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society, the National Mullet Club and the Angling Trades Association for their support and collaboration in the evidence gathering, discussion and drafting that led to us being able to produce a detailed and thorough response on behalf of anglers. 

All details relating to the consultation and how to reply can be found here:,on%2019th%20January%202024.

Responses must be sent to the IFCA no later than the 19th January 2024. 

As soon as we have details on when the vote will be undertaken in February, we will share these for anyone who may wish to attend. 

Click to view the Angling Trust’s response in full


As recreational sea anglers, it’s essential to stay informed and engaged in matters that directly impact the health of our ocean and the future of our sport. The Angling Trust is committed to fighting for fish, fishing and the environment.

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