Renewing your licence

To renew your licence, you’ll need to contact Angling Trust’s Licensing Admin

We can only renew your licence if ALL the following are in order:

► Any required certificates must be in date (DBS checking, plus First Aid and Safeguarding training for Level 2 All Age Groups licensing);

► You need to supply payment of your annual licence fee by one of the available methods;

► You need to confirm that you wish to renew your licence, that Licensing Admin has your up-to-date contact details


Please note: if you pay your annual licence fee but don’t keep the other items in date, you’ll have only non-coach membership of Angling Trust but without any additional “coach only” benefits or specialised insurance associated with Licensed Coach status.


If you no longer wish to be a licensed coach

If you feel that the time has come when you don’t wish to renew your coach licence, please get in touch with Licensing Admin to make the appropriate arrangements.  We’ll need to delete from our records those personal data that we no longer require for keeping your licensed coach status current.

Getting in touch


By mail:

Angling Trust Coaching Centre
The Old Police Station
Wharncliffe Road