The AT have established ‘FishMark’ which is the ATs own brand of ClubMark, the principles and standards still remain, with the main differences being that FishMark is specifically developed to recognise the nature of angling.


Fishmark is the Angling Trust’s adaptation of Sport England’s multi-sport Club accreditation, ClubMark. The accreditation come in 2 levels, Standard and Advanced. This will ensure that once a registered Club has achieved and evidenced the criteria it will be in a very strong position around Club Development, Safeguarding, Sporting Ethics and Angling Activities. There are lots of benefits to Clubs to complete this accreditation and these are listed in the attached document (see Fishmark Benefits Doc attached). The Fishmark accreditation is free to Angling Trust membership Clubs and your local Regional Officer will support you through the process.

For more details contact Dave Evans, National Fishmark Lead Officer at [email protected] or 07854 239721.


Within the Fishmark accreditation there are 4 sections and 1 is solely aimed at Safeguarding. This section has the same criteria in both Standard and Advanced levels to recognise the importance of having high levels of safeguarding in place within the Club. The required evidence documents to achieve the criteria are available from the Angling Trust for Clubs to adopt and raise their safeguarding levels.