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9 things you need to know about Fishmark, the Kitemark for Clubs …and now Fisheries TOO!

We asked James Roche, one of our Partnership Development Managers, why you should forward this page on to your club or fishery and let them know that Fishmark is the way to go!

My role as Partnership Development Manager for the Angling Trust really focuses on making it as easy as possible for people to get into fishing. Whether it is supporting angling clubs or fisheries to run events or helping them access funding to get some new equipment and tackle, the focus is all about creating more and better opportunities for people to get into the wonderful world of fishing.

2020 has been a challenging year for a number of reasons but has brought about a fantastic increase in the number of people going fishing. With more young people coming into the sport and families on the bank, it is really is a time to look at whether we are providing the safest environment for everyone to go fishing.

With a big boom in angling numbers this year, more people will be looking for the best clubs and fisheries to join and visit.

To help clubs and fisheries to provide the very best environment for young people to enjoy their angling, the Angling Trust have relaunched our accreditation award ‘Fishmark’.

Fishmark accreditation is awarded to clubs and fisheries that have shown their commitment to providing a safe, inclusive place for anyone to get fishing. It acts as a kind of “Kitemark“, highlighting the very best clubs and fisheries to parents in particular but, more widely, anyone looking to get into fishing.

The process of becoming “Fishmarked” is pretty straightforward – however, the Get Fishing team is here to help your club or fishery with every step of the process.

Getting accredited is a great way to raise the profile of your club or fishery and really showcase your commitment to providing the very best place for young people to get into fishing.

But, you might be asking… why should your clubs or fishery register to become Fishmark accredited?

We’ve put together 9 reasons why your club or fishery should get involved:

  1. Fishmark is the Angling Trust’s national accreditation scheme for clubs and fisheries.
  2. Once accredited your organisation will be provided with Fishmark branding to use on your website, social media pages and venues.
  3. It is completely FREE to register and get help.
  4. Fisheries can now become Fishmark accredited too, not just clubs.
  5. It’s open to coarse, sea or game angling clubs or fisheries.
  6. Parents that see you have Fishmark accreditation will know you provide the very best, safe environment for their children to go fishing.
  7. It’s a simple, straight forward process to work through and your local Get Fishing Officer will be on hand to help you at every step.
  8. Promotion – we want to promote the best places that people can get into fishing. We’ll be sure to give your club or fishery additional promotion on our Get Fishing social media pages and map a
  9. Getting Fishmark means:
  • more professional management of the organisation
  • support to develop a modern, quality assured organisation
  • improved integration between the organisation and the local schools and community
  • increased publicity and coverage in press, websites and local media
  • increased membership levels of both adults and juniors
  • improved availability and quality of coaches, and coaching
  • more and better recognition and support from your Active Partnership, local authorities and schools
  • higher profile of the organisation within the local community

To sum it all up, Fishmark is the perfect scheme for any club or fishery that wants to demonstrate their commitment to providing a child friendly, safe environment to go fishing.


James Roche

Partnership Development Manager (North and East)
Angling Trust
[email protected]
07791 786 251

For more info and details on how your club or fishery can get involved, please contact James for a friendly chat!
07791 786251.


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