Joel Virgo
Enforcement - Communications Manager

Fisheries Enforcement Support Service

Joel Virgo is a full-time photographer and life-long angler. Fishing for all coarse species from river Gudgeon to urban docklands Carp, he is never more at home than when beside the water and also spent a few years helping to run his local angling club in South-East London. Coming from a photographic background, Joel hopes to provide a better element of aesthetics to the important work going on at the Angling Trust. He devotes most of his spare time to showcasing the work of the Fisheries Enforcement Support Service and helps give the work of the Voluntary Bailiffs and various other Angling Trust schemes the platform they deserve.

Joel said: “To be able to work for such a prestigious and important organisation such as the Angling Trust is an honour. So much work happens behind the scenes that goes unnoticed, and I hope I can do the role justice to ensure more of this work becomes visible and respected, to both anglers and non-anglers.”

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