Record listing for Wels catfish reinstated

The British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee (BRFC) agreed in principle at its last meeting on 9th November 2023 that it would reinstate the record listing for Wels catfish.

Following consultation with The Catfish Conservation Group, the BRFC now wishes to announce that it will be reinstating the record listing for new claims in respect of captures of Wels catfish with immediate effect.

Claims may be submitted in respect of captures in the UK of Wels catfish made by fair angling on or later than 9th November 2023, the date on which the decision was recorded. The minimum qualifying weight for new record claims will be 130lb.

Claims should be advised to the BRFC by contacting the Secretary, Nick Simmonds, by email to [email protected], or by telephone on 01568 620447. Nick will provide guidance for formal submission of the claim.

More information on the record claim process can be found by clicking the links at the bottom of the BRFC web page here.

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