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This Girl Can – How fishing can help anxiety – Amelia’s Blog

Amelia contacted us to tell us how going fishing has helped her cope with anxiety – it’s also been a way to discover beauty in nature and compete with like-minded women…

“My boyfriend introduced me to the world of fishing and competitive match fishing in particular. I was a spectator for about 6 months before I picked up a pole and tried it for myself.

I’ve struggled with anxiety quite badly and there is something beautiful about putting the phone away and forgetting the world for a day while you sit at the water’s edge.

Even just being out on the bank is so calming and relaxing and when I’m sitting on my fishing box nothing else matters. Everything is forgotten and all you think about is the next fish.

Because of fishing I’ve developed a new appreciation for the outdoors and this beautiful world we live in.

I never thought I’d say a fish was beautiful, but I’ve well and truly come across some beautiful creatures on the bank!

I fished my first competition a few weeks ago on a Women’s Open Match at Partridge Lakes Fishery. It was nice seeing so many women out there doing it for themselves. It’s a male dominated sport so I love bumping into like-minded ladies.

I’ve surprised even myself with fishing – it’s the most therapeutic sport going!”


Amelia Taverna

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