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This Girl Can – The Mindfulness of Fishing – Heather’s Blog

Heather Lauriston discovered how fishing has a powerful element of mindfulness which is therapeutic and stress relieving. It’s been a way to gain confidence, meet other women and make friends. Combining angling with a competitive streak has led to great success at international level too…

“For me, going fishing is a great way to switch off from the daily stress and pressures that life can bring It’s a chance to be mindful and just “take in the moment”, the beautiful scenery, the sounds of nature, water flowing, birds singing, clouds floating across the sky.

Taking just a few short moments to appreciate these things can be very therapeutic.

I enjoy the competitive element of fishing as well, so around 10 years ago I joined a club to go match fishing. I compete at least once a week and have formed many new friendships and even established a ladies fishing club.

I discovered a new-found confidence in myself through both fishing and angling coaching and went on to lift the title of Scottish Ladies National Champion twice (…so far!).

I’ve also had the great honour of representing my country four times at international level which has been the highlight of my fishing career.”


Heather Lauriston
Project Manager, Get Hooked on Fishing, Scotland

About Heather: Heather is a Level 2 fully licensed coarse angling coach based at Magiscroft fishery. A keen match angler who competes in Scotland’s top fishing leagues, titles claimed include Scottish Ladies champion and Orchill Ladies Champion. Heather has been selected to represent Scotland as part of the SFSA ladies shore fishing team. Heather specialises in coaching children with special educational needs.

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