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7 Reasons to take the kids fishing this Summer Holidays

The school summer holidays are coming, a time where parents around the country look for activities and hobbies to keep the kids occupied for several weeks while the sun is shining and the days are still long. With modern day technology it’s all too easy to let the younger generation stay inside and not experience the big outdoors, so we’ve pulled together seven reasons to get outside with the kids this summer holidays.

Get outside – get fishing.

With so many gadgets in the home today it is easier than ever to stay indoors and not appreciate the wide outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine, open spaces … all are good for broadening horizons and pulling the youngest generation away from screens and devices.

Learn new skills.

It’s not just at school where kids are learning, with plenty of opportunities to continue personal development during the school holidays too. Fishing will not only teach them about angling, but also many outdoor lessons too. Try it and see for yourself.

Time with family.

When your kids are at school, you’re limited as to when you can spend quality time together as a family. This time is important and should not be underestimated. Make time for family time.

Staying active.

Don’t let the school holidays become a sedentary period spent lying on the sofa watching TV. There’s a higher level of child obesity than ever – don’t let your kids become a part of the statistic. Get outside, stay active, keep fit.

Catching up with friends.

Your kids spend much of the week with friends from school, with limited time to see others. Why not use fishing as a shared activity to get your young ones together with friends from other circles over the school holidays, or just so they can catch up with their friends they haven’t seen

Discover nature.

Your children may be lucky enough to head down to the water’s edge on a school trip one day, but if not then they may not realise the wonders of what’s out there at your local pond, lake or river. From the flora and fauna, to the wildlife both in and out of the water. See how many different birds, bugs, animals and fish you can spot…

Fishing is exciting!

People sometimes have the misconception that fishing can be a slow sport spend waiting for the next fish to bite. However it is so much more than this, with a level of excitement when you hook a fish that can only be experienced in person. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Find an event near you this summer holiday using our events calendar here.

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