Angling Trust lobby Government to keep the country fishing

As the country waits to see what form the new national lockdown is likely to take the Angling Trust has been busy pressing the case for fishing to be allowed to continue. In a letter to Cabinet Ministers we say: 

“We know that socially distanced outdoor sports like angling, golf, cycling etc are not in any way part of the problem. In fact, they contribute multiple benefits not only in terms of health and mental wellbeing during these difficult times but in reducing pressure on parks, footpaths and other open spaces where people would otherwise gather if prohibited from pursuing their chosen pastimes.

Our purpose in writing to you is to urge you not to place wholly unnecessary restrictions on angling and the £4bn angling trade which supports up to 40,000 jobs in the UK. Recreational fishing has been practised safely and responsibly in England since May 13th in accordance with the approved COVID compliant guidelines produced by the Angling Trust.”

You can read the full text of our letter here .

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook said:

It would be absurd for ministers to unnecessarily restrict healthy activities like angling which are demonstrably beneficial for our health and well being at this critical time.  We firmly believe that largely solitary, outdoor, socially distanced, activities like angling, golf and cycling should not to be restricted under any new lockdown provisions beyond that which was authorised on May 10th. 

We now have approved guidelines in place covering all aspects on angling including: individuals, clubs and fisheries, coaches and guides, charter boats and competitions.  These COVID compliant guidelines have been widely accepted across angling and to the best of our knowledge there have been no known examples where angling activity has contributed to the spread of the virus.


We will keep anglers updated as the situation unfolds

UPDATE: 09.15pm 01/11/2020

The Angling Trust is pleased that the government has recognised the value of allowing angling and other forms of outdoor recreation to continue – with members of your own household or with one other individual – through next month’s lockdown. It seems that tackle shops will still be able to operate a ‘click and collect’ service. So we are still fishing.
Whilst we need to see the precise details in the regulations laid before Parliament on Monday it is likely there will be impacts on certain areas of our sport and we will update everybody just as soon as we are able to do so. Thanks for your patience

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