Aire & Calder sand barge trials

Following the decision of the Canal & River Trust to order the suspension on January 18th of the commercial barge responsible for significant fish deaths on the Aire & Calder Navigation at Knottingley, the Angling Trust has been notified of the dates of a series of trial runs being organised as part of further investigations.

During the trial runs, the barge will operate at progressively lighter loadings so that the Canal & River Trust fisheries officers and colleagues can assess the situation.

These will take place as follows:

  • Feb 3: 6ft 7in (1.98m) – loaded (return following day unobserved)
  • Feb 10: 6ft 2in (1.88m) – loaded
  • Feb 11: 5ft 6in (1.68m) – this return trip to be observed
  • Feb 17: 5ft 11in (1.8m) – loaded (return following day unobserved)

The Angling Trust understands that the first trial at a lighter than normal loading on January 27th still caused some fish deaths although considerably fewer than previously. The loadings will be reduced at each of the next three trials to try an establish if the barge can operate without damage to fish stocks.

We would appeal to anglers to not respond to any provocation or get involved in trading insults and let the Canal & River Trust fisheries staff complete these trials. They are as keen to get this issue resolved as everyone else.

In the meantime, please send in any relevant images that will support our call to protect fish populations in the area.

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