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“I love fishing, you love fishing and that’s a profound reason why you should join the Angling Trust.  It’s not just about you and me – it’s about every angler.  Join today and be part of a family that will preserve angling.”

Your Membership will support our work to:

  • Help us fight pollution through our Anglers Against Pollution campaign and the work of Fish Legal
  • Support our work to lobby Government on environmental issues
  • Fight angling bans
  • Introduce more people to our wonderful sport
  • Promote the mental health and wellbeing benefits of angling
  • Support grass roots angling clubs
  • Improve fishing access for all

Your Membership will provide you with:

  • Exclusive discounts on a wide range of fishing tackle, bait and much more
  • Public liability insurance while you are fishing
  • 10% discount at fisheries around the country
  • Access to fishing matches run by the Angling Trust
  • Quality annual magazine
  • Regular newsletters and updates

Adult membership just £31* for a whole year, senior citizen membership £27*

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*if paying by direct debt or recurring card payment.

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