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The Angling Trust has issued a challenge to all the major political parties vying for the votes of Britain’s two million anglers. The Trust calls on the parties to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment upon which the sport depends, support policies that protect and promote angling, and maximise the economic and social benefits angling delivers.

The Angling Trust manifesto, entitled ‘Vote for a Fishing Future’, presents 10 specific policy asks aimed at protecting, promoting, and developing angling for all. These policy areas include pollution, regulation, marine conservation, angling access, participation, economic and social benefits of angling, anglers’ rights, reviving salmon stocks, and addressing threats from predation.

The angling manifesto has attracted the support of high-profile figures from the fishing world, including broadcaster and actor Paul Whitehouse who said:

“Get behind the Angling Trust Manifesto. We all need clean water, so for the life of me I can’t understand why we allow our rivers to be polluted, abused, and abstracted. As anglers, we see it first-hand. Enough talk. We need action.”

Download a copy of the manifesto here

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Adult membership costs as little as £31 a year – that’s just 60p a week, but it makes such a difference to our sport.

By joining today you will:

  • Help us fight pollution through our Anglers Against Pollution campaign and the work of Fish Legal
  • Support our work to lobby Government on environmental issues
  • Fight angling bans
  • Introduce more people to our wonderful sport
  • Promote the mental health and wellbeing benefits of angling
  • Support grass roots angling clubs
  • Improve fishing access for all

Your Membership will give you:

  • Exclusive discounts on a wide range of fishing tackle, bait and much more
  • Public liability insurance while you are fishing
  • 10% discount at fisheries around the country
  • Access to fishing matches run by the Angling Trust
  • Quality annual magazine
  • Regular newsletters and updates

Adult membership just £31* for a whole year, senior citizen membership £27*

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