Makins Classic

A brand new competition for 2023, the Makins Classic will see commercial experts battle it out on the newly revamped Makins Fishery.

We’ve worked closely with the new fishery owner Andy Pell to put together a great series across the summer that’s sure to see plenty of bites from Makins hungry carp!

The format:

  • 48 peg qualifiers, with 8 sections of 6 anglers, win your section to make the final.
  • Two day combined weight final on Sunday and Monday 27 + 28th August.
  • A mixture of both Makins historic and newly revamped lakes with pre-defined lakes at qualifiers

The payout:

  • Over £5000 with £2500 going to the winner (*subject to entries)
  • £20 pools at each qualifier paid on a lake by lake basis


  • Angling Trust Members £35 and £45 for Non Members.

Qualifiers (maximum 48 anglers)

1. Sunday 23rd April – Severn, Avon, Thames and Derwent (all 2 sections)

2. Sunday 7th May – Lake 2, Lake 4, Lizard (2 sections) Snake and Reptile (1 section)

3. Saturday 3rd June – Lake 2, Lake 4, Lake 5 and Lizard (all 2 sections)

4. Sunday 18th June – Severn, Avon, Thames and Derwent (all 2 sections)

5. Wednesday 12th July – Lake 2, Lake 3, Lake 4 and Lake 5 (all 2 sections)

6. Wednesday 26th July – Lake 3, Lake 4, Lizard and Lagoon (all 2 sections)

£20 optional pools to be paid on the day.

Final (maximum 48 anglers)

Sunday 27th and Monday 28th August – Lake 2, Lake 3, Lake 4 and Lake 5

The final will be pegged with more anglers on Lake 2 to help balance out the fishing.

£10 optional pools to be paid on each day of the Final.

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