Please see below for the current monthly results for the current 2024 season. To access results from previous years scroll down the page to the results archive section.

January 2024

***Penn*** 1: Ashbridge Memorial NYD Open,100 anglers; 1st Martyn Wilding Scarborough cod 3.025kg (10), 2nd Mark Taylor Grimsby cod 2.875kg (9), 3rd Bret Bartram Barton cod 2.05kg (8), 4th equal cod 1.850kg Wayne Davison Thornton (7), John Taylor Grimsby (7), Paul Kemp Hull (7).  Juniors: 1st Rex Taylor Grimsby 0.425kg, 2nd C Bentley 0.375kg

***Penn*** 1: Holt SAC New Year Open, Kelling, 30 anglers; 1st Andy Gallagher Beccles 64 fish 17lb 4oz (3), 2nd Henry Randel Bodham 69 fish 16lb 12oz (2), 3rd Adrian Bordianu Taverham 54 fish 16lb 11oz (2)


***Penn*** 7: East Anglian Sea League, teams of five and open, Kelling 61 anglers; 1st Mark Wilson Lowestoft 48 fish 667 points (6), 2nd Steve Adams Chelmondiston 49 fish 589 points (5), 3rd Rob Tuck 43 fish 556 points (4), Zone winners; Adrian Bordianu Taverham 43 fish 535 points (2), Graham Adams Shotley 42 fish 511 points, (2), Dave Wright Southwold 39 fish 493 points (2), biggest fish was a flounder worth 44 points landed by Robert Stebbings Aldeburgh (2), Teams on the day;  1st World of fish 43 points, 2nd Team Breakaway 41 points, 3rd Italicanna 39 points, 4th R & R angling 29 points, 4th Birds Tackle 29 points, 6th Ipswich sea Anglers 28 points, 6th Tucky’s Young Guns 28 points, 8th Hartys Odd Bods 25 points, 9th Slap & Tackle 22 points, 10th Birds tackle & guns. 16 points, 11th A j Lead swingers 3 points.  Overall team results after round 4; 1st Team Breakaway 150 points, 2nd World of fish 141 points, 3rd Italicanna 136 points, 4th Ipswich Sea anglers 134 points, 5thR & R angling 130 points, 6th Birds Tackle 116 points, 7th Birds Tackle & Guns 101 points, 8th Tucky’s young Guns 94 points, 9th Slap & Tackle 88 points, 10th Hartys Odd bods 84 points, 11th AJ Lead Slingers. 21 points


***Penn Plus***7: Angling Trust Wyvern Open Shore competition, Slapton 139 anglers; The South West’s first major event in 2024 attracted a fantastic entry to the South Hams to fish the annual Angling Trust Wyvern Open Festival, with some competitors traveling from South Wales, Deal & the Isle of White.   Leading up to this event, the organisers make contact with the local whelk boat who sets his pots just off Slapton beach. He is always very accommodating to help us, and on weekend pushed his pots out a little further so as not to interfere with our event.  Many thanks on behalf of everyone, great to commercial and recreational anglers working together.    The weather conditions on the day saw a fresh north easterly backing easterly wind, Small Eyed Ray, Dab, garfish, whiting & dogfish were caught during the event, 68 competitors returned to the scales with fish to record. Main sponsor Julian Shambrook of Anyfish Anywhere presented the prizes, all of the sponsors for the day were thanked for their continued support also Stokeley farm shop for their hospitality and providing an excellent venue. Winner, of the event was Malcolm Stote Lymington, he recorded a Small Eyed Ray of 9.5lb and a Whiting of 0.975lb giving him a total of (170.56%).  The Region promotes the Angling Trust “Take Five” anti-litter campaign and encourages all anglers to leave the beaches cleaner than they found them. Results; 1st Malcolm Stote Lymington Whiting 0.975lb and Small Eyed Ray 9,50 lb (13), 2nd Shaun Moore Cardiff S E Ray 5.75 lb Whiting 1.33lb (12), 3rd John Johnson West Coast Dab 0.775lb Whiting 1.005lb (11), 4th Bobby Drew Teignmouth (10), 5th Jeff Fisk Bournemouth (9), 6thAdam Slack Teignmouth (8), 7th Dean Francis West Bay (7) 8th David Nicholls Blackdown (6), 9th Joe Walton Teignmouth (5) 10th Nick Fox Honiton (4)


***Penn*** 7: Anglesey match anglers winter league, Holyhead Breakwater, 52 anglers; bright sunshine and very little wind for the  2nd round and open of the Anglesey Match Anglers breakwater winter league series; 1st and winner of c zone after a proper battle with pipping Allan Hughes on the last few casts was Tony Bob Holyhead 93 fish 1896cm (5), 2nd Alan Price Rhyl and winner of d zone, carrying on his very consistent form with another great performance, with 84 fish 1727cm (4), 3rd Jim Morris Chester and winner of B zone was another angler on a brilliant run of form and has been  one of the most consistent anglers in the North West in recent years with 62 fish for 1331cm (4).  Winner of A zone Gary Wood Holyhead 58 fish for 1233 (2).  Longest fish of the night 70cm ray landed by Steffen Krajewski-Moore (2)


***Penn*** 7: East Fife New Year Cod Open Sweep Carnoustie – Ferryden light, 37 anglers; 1stMike Horn Kirkcaldy 7 fish 16lb 15oz (3), 2nd Stewart Falconer Arbroath 9 fish 16lb 10oz (2), 3rd Billy Buckley Glasgow 7 fish 14lb 9oz (2)

***Penn***7: Leinster league, Kilcoole, 72 anglers; The first leg of the 2024 Leinster League was fished at Kilcoole & Newcastle on a calm cold morning, coupled with a small tide made the fishing tough.  Results; 1st John Hughes South Shore 19 fish 396 points (7), 2nd James Ryan 15 fish 277 points (6), 3rd Ciaran Fogarty Dunn Brinn 11 fish 261 points (5). Longest fish was a 29cm Dab landed by Derek Kendrick (2)

***Penn*** 12: Edinburgh New Year Shore League, Newhaven, 28 anglers; 1st Mike Kyle Easthouses 20 fish 452pts (2), 2nd Steve Potts Gosforth 17 fish 360pts (1), 3rd Stevie Souter Edinburgh 14 fish 309pts.  Longest fish tie, Alan Haggon and Mike Kyle 30cm


***Penn***12: Fishon Tackle Round 1 Lee on Solent, 71 anglers;

1st Darren Bond Lancing zone D (7), 2nd Peter Row zone B (6), 3rd Darren Wilson zone A (5) Zone winner Steve Manning zone C (2).  Longest fish was dog fish of 60cm caught by Darren Bond


****Penn*** 13: Mike and Chris’s Winter Heaviest Cod League, 30 anglers; 1st Willie Kennedy 9lb 2oz (3), 2nd Chris Horn Kirkcaldy 8lb 8 1/2oz (2), 3rd Mike Kyle Easthouses 8lb 1oz (2), heaviest fish was a cod of 4lb 6oz landed by Gary Resin

***Penn Plus Match***13-14: The Asso, Hythe, 96 anglers;
1st Louie smith Deal 2 pts (19), 2nd Saul page Deal 4 pts (18), 3rd Ben Bradstock Honiton 5 pts (17), 4th Richard Yates St Margret’s Bay 6 pts (16), 5th George Smith Grimsby 8 pts, countback on fish points (15), 6th Sam Collier Dover 8 pts (14), 7th Andrew Dugdale Peel 8 pts (13), 8th Ben Price Holyhead 8 pts (12), 9th Andy Pemberton Fareham 9 pts countback on fish points (11), 10th Joe Croxon Canterbury 9 pts (10)
Zone winners; Andy Hurcombe Thanet zone D day one (4), Alan Price Rhyl Zone D day two (4).  Biggest fish was a Dover sole of 36cm to Ben price

***Penn*** 14: Holt SAC Norfolk Team Challenge Round 4, Salthouse, 32 anglers; 1st Paul Marshall Corby 31 fish 8lb 2oz (3), 2nd Jack Topping Lodden 32 fish 7lb 12oz (2), 3rd Henry Randell Bodham 35 fish 7lb 8oz (2)

***Penn*** 14: Wales Air Ambulance Open Amroth, 64 anglers including 4 ladies and 2 juniors fished with conditions like a sheet of glass. 18 anglers brought 21 fish to the scales, 15 Flounder, 2 Dogs, 2 Dabs and 2 Five Beard Rockling, though others undersized were caught.  Results; 1st Phil Evans Neyland 2 Flounder for 1Kg 495gms (6), 2nd Andy Young Saundersfoot LSD of 1Kg 085gms (5), 3rd Brian John Pembroke 1 Flounder of 795gms (4)


***Penn*** 14: Amble Sea Angling Club Open, 572 anglers; 1st Mel McIntyre 22lb 1.8ozs (20), 2nd Chris Guthrie Cramlington 17lb 2.6ozs (19), 3rd Keith Smith Blyth 11lb 7.0 (18), 4th Tommy Tate Sunderland 9lb 8.4 (17), 5th Michael Lazenby 9lb 6.0 (16), 6th Paul Smith South Shields 9lb 5.8 (15), 7th George Horner Scarborough 9lb 1.8 (14), 8th Alan Bound 8lb 5.0 (13), 9th Nick Westgarth 8lb 3.6 (12), 10th Wayne Leason Hull 7lb 13.6 (11), Heaviest fish landed by Chris Stringer Whitley Bay 7lb 5.8 (10)


***Penn*** 18: David Neil Bait Supplies Midweek Shore League South Stevenson 17 anglers; 1st Paul Oliver Hamilton 1 fish 18 pts (1), 2nd Tommy McCluskey Glasgow 2 fish 17 pts, 3 Neil McMillan Stevenston 2 fish 15 pts.  Biggest Fish Paul Oliver Flounder 18pts 26cm

***Penn*** 19: Edinburgh New Year Shore League, Seafield, 22 anglers; 1st Kyle Taylor Edinburgh 2 fish 50pts (2), 2nd Neil Cutler Gateshead 2 fish 49pts (1), 3rd Gordon Lyall Edinburgh 2 fish 48pts.  Longest fish Kyle Taylor 22cm


***Penn*** 20: Southern League round 1 of 12 & open, Portsmouth, 57 anglers; 1st Paul Stevens Worthing 7lb 12oz (5), 2nd Ben Arnold Brighton 6lb 12oz (4), 3rd Adrian Martin 5lb 11oz (3).  Heaviest fish land by Russell Preston Bristol (1)


****Penn*** 20: Mike and Chris’s Winter Heaviest Cod League 2023/24, Carnoustie to Ferryden Lighthouse, 32 anglers; 1st David Cargill Inchture 14lb 8oz, 2nd Anthony Tony Cook 10lb 11oz, 3rd Willie Kennedy 10lb 8oz.  Heaviest fish was a cod of 8lb 6oz landed by David Cargill

***Penn*** 20: Yorkshire Federation of Sea Anglers, Easington, 23 anglers; 1st George Smith Grimsby 13 fish 622 points (2), 2nd Gary Hutson Cleethorpes 6 fish 490 points (1), 3rd Tony Burman Cleethorpes 326 points


***Penn Plus Match*** 24-27: Irish Winter Beach Championships Co Wexford 106 anglers; 1st Saul Page Deal (20), 2nd Matt White Lancaster (19), 3rd Troy Francis Killarney (18), 4th Gareth Griffiths Barrow (17), 5th Richard Yates St Margret’s Bay (16), 6th Dave Wade Hove (15), 7th Frank Potter (14), 8th Ged Stevens Barrow in Furness (13), 9th Joey Brady (12), 10th Sam Collier Dover (11).  Zone winners; Dave Wright Southwold (4), Gary Wood Holyhead (4), Jurgen Van Rijswijk (4), Ryan Blair Larne (4), biggest fish 53cm Aaron Vambeck (4)


***Penn*** 25: David Neil Bait Supplies Midweek Shore League Prestwick, 21 anglers; 1st Dylan Griffins Troon 5 fish 142 points (2), 2nd Tommy McCluskey Glasgow 7 fish 68 points (1), 3rd Alec Bell Kilmarnock 4 fish 35 points.  Biggest Fish 39cm Flounder landed by Dylan Griffiths

***Penn*** 26: Edinburgh New Year Shore League, Portobello beach, 20 anglers; 1st Lindsay Bell Edinburgh 5 fish 116pts (2), 2nd Barry McEwan Port Seton 4 fish 102pts (1), 3rd Stevie Souter Edinburgh 4 fish for 100pts


***Penn*** 27: 2024 Porlock and Bossington series 45 anglers; 1st Dai Llewellyn (4), 2nd Shaun Moore (3), 3rd John Johnson (2), zone winner Julian Shambrook Torquay (1), heaviest fish, Conger 13lb 7oz landed by Dave Lane Weymouth (1).  A zone: Porlock Weir; 1stShaun Moore 18 fish 6 species 24lb 13oz, 2nd Steve Ace 17 fish 2 species 21lb 8oz, 3rd Cyril Cross 10 fish 1 specie 11lb 6.5oz, B zone: Bossington; 1st Dai Llewellyn 10 fish 2 species 26lb 12oz, 2nd John Johnson 10 fish 2 species 21lb 8.5oz, 3rd Dave Lane 7 fish 3 species 18lb 12oz, C zone: Bossington; 1st Julian Shambrook 10 fish 4 species 12lb 7oz, 2nd Jack Reynolds 2 fish 1 specie 11lb, 3rd James Waygood 4 fish 3 species 8lb 8.5oz


***Penn*** 27: Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers, open, Newhaven, 22 anglers; 1st Stevie Barrett 26 fish 754 pts (2), 2nd Chris Horn 32 fish 727 pts (1), 3rd Stevie Burns 32 fish 710 pts.  Longest fish landed by Stevie Barrett, 30cm cod Junior winner Erky Janyk 13 fish 313 pts

***Penn*** 27: Hastings SAC 9-2pm,


***Penn*** 28: East Region Shore League Aberthaw & Boverton, 83 anglers; 1st Shaun Moore Cardiff 11.1kgs (8), 2nd Lloyd Summers Caerphilly 9.1kgs (7), 3rd Gareth Swensson Barry 6.12kgs (6).  The weather turned out well for the first leg of the 2024 shore league. A moderate south easterly wind made it a little challenging on the dropping tide. Surprisingly the wind dropped to nothing on the flood. The fishing was patchy but 65 out of 83 anglers brought fish to the scales, 104kgs in all. 8 species of fish were landed including 3 different ray species, thornback, spotted & blonde, dogfish, conger eel, pouting rockling & codling. Top five individuals After the first leg; 1st Cardiff angler Shaun Moore fishing for new team Caerau SAC. Shaun weighed in 11.1kgs consisting of a brilliant blonde ray of 7.98 kgs which was the heaviest first of the match plus 3 conger eels.  2nd Knock Baits team member Lloyd Summers from Caerphilly with 9.02kgs, consisting of 7 conger eels & 2 rocking. Lloyd also won the most fish pool with 9 fish.  3rd Veals Mail Order team member Gareth Swensson from Barry with 6.12kgs consisting of 3 conger eels & a rockling.  4th South Wales Match-men team member Roy Tapper with 5.78kgs consisting of 4 conger eels a rocking & a pouting.  5th. Driftwood Anglers team member James Theyer with 5.75kgs consisting of a thornback ray & single dogfish.  Top Five Teams after the first leg; 1st South Wales Match-men with 409 fish points & 15 team points.  2nd Knockout Baits with 406 fish points &14 team points. 3rd Caerau SAC with 324 fish points & 13 team points.  4th Reel Fishing with 316 fish points & 12 team points.  5th Team Turkana with 313 fish points & 11 team Points

***Penn*** 28: Kent Flounder League Minster, 29 anglers; 1st Kaiden Collins Gillingham 56cm (2), 2nd Mark Cousens, Bearsted. 41cm (1)

February 2024

***Penn*** 1: David Neil Bait Supplies Midweek Shore League South Beach, 20 anglers; 1st Brian Maxwell Saltcoats 6 fish 70 points (2), 2nd Alec Bell Kilmarnock 6 fish 64 points (1), 3rd Gordon Cochrane Ayr 4 fish 61 points

****Penn*** 3: Mike and Chris’s Winter Heaviest Cod League, 25 anglers; 1st Rab Gallagher 1 fish 8lb 14 1/2oz (2), 2nd Keith Galloway 4 fish 8lb 3oz (1), 3rd Gary Rezin 2 fish 7lb 3oz.  Biggest fish was a cod 8lb 14 1/2oz landed by Rab Gallagher.  Overall league winner; 1st Rab Gallagher 8lb 14 1/2oz, 2nd David Cargill 8lb 6oz

***Penn*** 4: Anglesey match anglers winter league, Holyhead Breakwater, 50 anglers; After weather forcing to change plans and postpone the final two matches took place on the same day;

50 anglers booked on for each match, 20-40mph westerly winds and dry weather the order of the day.  Results in the first match were just staggering!  The winner Allan Hughes carded an amazing 152 fish for over 30 meters in 4 hours’, incredible.  Father and son duo Danny and Gav parker went fish for fish with Danny pipping Dad on the last chuck by 9cm! 120 fish and 121 fish respectively.  Results; 1st Allan Hughes Holyhead 152 fish 3024cm (5), 2nd Ben Price Holyhead 83 fish 1615cm (4), 3rd Shaun Moore Cardiff 56 fish 1046cm (3), zone winner Lee Edwards Liverpool 47 fish 926cm (2).  Longest fish landed was a 30cm whiting by Kris Lindsay Holyhead (2)


***Penn*** 4: Anglesey match anglers winter league, Holyhead Breakwater 50 anglers; 1st Wayne McGilloway Greenfields 66 fish 1299cm (5), 2nd Jim Morris Chester 21 fish 499cm (4), 3rd Lee Edwards Liverpool 21 fish 426cm (2), zone winner Allan Hughes Holyhead 22 fish 390cm (2).  Longest fish was won by junior angler Ossian Jones with a fantastic conger of 75cm (2).  Winter league results top 10; 1st Jim Morris with a perfect score of 3 points, 2nd Dewi Parry 4points, 3rd Terry Wallworth 5 points (on countback), 4th Jimmy price 5points (on countback), 5th Tony Owen 5 points (on countback), 6th kris Lindsay 6 points (on countback), 7th Dewi Williams 6 points, 8th Alan Price 7 points, 9th Wayne Grant 8 points, 10th Shane Russell 9 points.


***Penn*** 4: Hornsea SAC Anyfish Anywhere open, 125 anglers;
1st Scott Moore Hartlepool skate 3.725kg (12), 2nd Paul Kemp Hull skate 2.60kg (11), 3rd Joint Mike Coates Bilton skate (10) and Joe Macklin Hull cod 2.175kg (10), 5th Simon Drayton Gainsborough (8). Junior winner; J Bean cod 0.875kg

***Penn*** 4: Aberdeen open, Aberdeen-Stonehaven, 27 anglers; 1st David Cargill Inchture 7.42kg (2), 2nd Ian Hardy 3.94 kg (1), 3rd Jason Brown 2.90kg, 3rd Tony Watters 2.90kg.  Heaviest fish a cod of 2.16kg landed by David Cargill


***Penn*** 9: Edinburgh New Year Shore League, Newhaven, 15 anglers; 1st Mike Kyle Easthouses, 8 fish for 245pts (1), 2nd Stevie Souter Edinburgh, 4 fish for 121pts, 3rd Kevin McNeish Edinburgh, 3 fish for 82pts, longest fish 31cm landed by Ian Campbell


***Penn*** 10: Southern League round 2 of 12 & open, Friars Cliff, 47 anglers; 1st Dan Mogridge Portsmouth (4), 2nd Ben Arnold Brighton (3), 3rd Liam McGrady (2), zone winner Darren Stevens Bristol (1)


***Penn*** 10: 2024 Porlock and Bossington series, Channel Anglers SAC, 45 anglers; 1st Ben Bradstock Honiton (4), 2nd Shaun Moore Cardiff (3), 3rd Terry Hartnell Axminster (2).  Zone winners; Día Llewellyn Barry (1) and John Johnson ad (1), A zone; 1st Ben Bradstock 21 fish 24lb 2oz, 2nd Shaun Moore 17 fish 21lb 7.25oz, 3rd Terry Hartnell 16 fish 19lb 3.5oz.  B zone; 1st Dai Llewellyn 11 fish 11lb 14.5oz, 2nd Keith Warren 10 fish 10lb 9oz, 3rd Jason Brown & James Waygood 8 fish 8lb 10oz.  C zone; 1st John Johnson 10 fish 11lb 11oz, 2nd Chris Read 5 fish 6lb 14oz, 3rd Tony Smith 6 fish 5lb 15oz


***Penn*** 10: Hastings SAC, 18 anglers; 1st Stuart Donaldson Pagham 29 fish 1328 points (1), 2nd Darren Bond Lancing 25 fish 930 points, 3rd Mick Snelling 26 fish 912 points


***Penn*** 11: Fountain Open, Seabrook, Hythe 72 anglers, 1st Louis Smith Deal 1769 points (7), 2nd Martin Humphries Dover 1538 points (6), 3rd Craig Buy Colchester 1524 points (5), C Zone winner Joe Smith Deal (2).  Biggest fish was a blond ray 58cm 365 points landed by Joe Smith


***Penn*** 11: Holt SAC Norfolk Team Challenge Round 5, Kelling 32 anglers; 1st Mike Watts Fakenham 57 fish 14lb 9oz (3), 2nd Duane Lockwood Lowestoft 52 fish 13lb 8oz, (2), 3rd Paul Marshall Corby 50 fish 11lb 13oz (2)


***Penn*** 11: Pembrokeshire RNLI Open, 60 anglers;1st Leigh Rogers Milford Haven 2 Flounder for 1Kg 200gms (6), 2nd Rob Collins Saundersfoot LSD of 885gms (5), 3rd John O’Connor Narberth 1 Flounder for 865gms (4)


***Penn*** 11: LSAC summer league 2024, Individual and Teams of 5 qualifiers and Opens, Oxwich, 11 anglers; 1st Tom Fisher Gower 534 points (1), 2nd Steve Tucker Swansea 476 points, 3rd Tom Dew Llanelli 201 points

***Penn***15: David Neil Bait Supplies Midweek Shore League South Beach, 21 anglers; 1st Campbell Currie Stevenston 13points (2), 2nd Gordon Cochrane Ayr 7pts (1).  Biggest fish 22cm flounder landed by Campbell Currie

***Penn*** 17: Alan Middleton Memorial, Mersey Cheshire Sea Anglers Community Club Vale Park/Kinglake 61 anglers; 1st Mike Hughes Bangor 289cm Zone D (6), 2nd Gordon Thorne Connahs Quay 151cm Zone B (5), 3rd Alan Price Conwy Zone C (4), Jimmy Price Abergele Zone A (2).  Biggest fish 31cm whiting landed by Alan Price



***Penn*** 17: Yorkshire Federation of Sea Anglers, Withernsea 30 anglers; 1st Adie Cooper Grimsby 22 fish 746 points (3), 2nd Lee Smith Hull 17 fish 695 points (2), 3rd Karl Nangle Grimsby 20 fish 649 points (2)


***Penn*** 23: Edinburgh New Year Shore League, Portobello beach, 17 anglers; 1st Chris Cooper Edinburgh 5 fish 117pts (1), 2nd Ian Campbell Falkirk 4 fish 99pts, 3rd Gordon Lyall Edinburgh 4 fish 95pts.  Longest fish Ian Campbell 27cm Flounder


***Penn***23: Fishon Tackle Round 2 Eastney 75 anglers; 1st Peter Row 862cm (7), 2nd Dean Ryan Portsmouth 679cm (6), 3rd Dan Mogridge Portsmouth 662cm (5), zone winners; Darren Bond Lancing (3), Billy Potter Chichester (3).  Biggest fish was a thornback ray of 76cm landed by Colin Carey Worthing (3).  Zone A; 1st Dean Ryan 679cm, 2nd Dan Mogridge 662cm, 3rd Luke Childs 555cm, Zone B; 1st Darren Bond 586cm, 2nd John Delaney 463cm, 3rd Paul Stevens 456cm, Zone C; 1st Peter Row 862cm, 2nd Colin Carey 527cm, 3rd Darren Phillips 483cm, Zone D; 1st Billy Potter 658cm, 2nd Jim Stanhope 538cm, 3rd Dave Wade 409cm


***Penn***24: Samalite Chesil League round 1 of 10, Abbotsbury, 36 anglers; A rough week so the water had colour with a swell rolling in, the wind eased so fishing conditions were good. A reasonable size tide but for some odd reason there was hardly any tide pull on the rod tips, the strongest part of tide was probably the first couple of casts in daylight which was the end of the ebb. Species caught included, dogfish, pout, conger, thornback and spotted ray, whiting and rockling. Results; 1st Ian Dancy Waterlooville (3), Simon Springell Watchet (2), 3rd Jeff Fisk Bournemouth (2). ZONE A; 1st Ian Dancey 852pts, 4 dogs, 1 pout, 1 conger, 2nd Till Hall 381pts, 3 dogs, 2 conger, 1 thornback, 3rd Mike Rose 258pts, 2 dogs, 5 pout.  ZONE B; 1st Simon Springell 536pts, 7 dogs, 3 pout, 1 conger, 2nd Jeff Fisk 439pts, 8 dogs, 3rd Christopher Equall 408 pts, 4 dogs, 1 spotted ray,1 pout.  Heaviest fish; Conger 576 pts 12lb, Ian Dancey


***Penn*** 24: Irish Federation of Sea Anglers, Ventry, – waiting for result


***Penn Plus*** 24-25: Pensarn, North Wales, 75 anglers;

1st Allan Hughes Holyhead 4 points (15), 2nd Saul Page Deal 5 points, 4 fish 106cm (14), 3rd Dave Shorthouse Kettering 5 points 4 fish 92cm (13), 4th Craig Maddocks Caerphilly 5 points 4 fish 88cm (12), 5th Dave Cave Holyhead 5 points 3 fish, (11), 6th Kev Warner Horncastle 6 points 4 fish (10), 7th Steve Williams Jarrow 6 points 3 fish (9), n8th Steve Trish Bootle 8 points (8), 9th Neil Cutler Gateshead 8 points (7), 10th Dewi parry Gwalchmai 10 points 4 fish 62cm (6), Zone winners; Tony Roberts Anglesey (3), Alan Price Rhyl (3), Jimmy Price Abergele (3), George Smith Grimsby (3), Kristian Ackerley Holyhead (3), Ben Richards IOM (3).  Biggest fish was a ray 65cm landed by Tony bob Anglesey


***Penn*** 25: Kent Flounder League Allhallows 35 anglers; 1st Ian Reynolds South Benfleet 211cm (3), 2nd Chris Simmons Gillingham 114cm (2), 3rd Carl Dobner Sheerness 113m (2)


***Penn*** 25: Hastings SAC Sea League Open 48 anglers; 1st Dave Wade Hove (4), 2nd Nick May Hastings (3), 3rd Tom Wells Deal (2) Heaviest fish; Julian French Brighton (1), Zone winners; Martin Humphries Dover (1), Aran Aghilli Eastbourne (1), John Radulescu (1). Teams on the day; 1st Channel Angling15 pts, 2nd Team Century. 24 pts, 3rd Deal & Walmer AA 25 pts, Tony’s Tackle. 25 pts, 5th. S A Pro pumps 26 pts, 6th Hastings AC 28 pts, Maidstone AC, 8th Big Red 30 pts Team ‘5’, 10th Reel deal 43 pts

March 2024

***Penn*** 1-3 European Open Beach Championships

Flattie Bash 295 anglers; Continental style pay-out; 1st overall; Darren Browne South Shields (20), 2nd Mark Taylor Grimsby B Zone 1st  (19), 3rd Dave Shorthouse Kettering C Zone 1st  (18), 4th Dave Richardson A Zone 1st  (17), 5th Matty Sabiston Grimsby B Zone 2nd  (16), 6th Gareth Griffiths Barrow in Furness C Zone 2nd  (15), 7th Les Mason A Zone 2nd  (14), 8th Gary Medler Martham B Zone 3rd  (13), 9th Ged Stevens C Zone 3rd (12), 10th Rob Prince A Zone 3rd (11), biggest fish was 31cm, landed by Gareth Griffiths

Two, day rover; 1st Scott Moore Hartlepool (20), 2nd Martyn Wilding Burniston (19), 3rd Ben Laws Whitby (18), 4th Gordon Blyth Partington (17), 5th Andrew Chester Hedon (16), 6th Ray Shepherd Hedon (15), 7th Wayne Leason Hull (14), 8th Rob McDonald Sprotborough (13), 9th Jason Carter Doddington (12), 10th Alan Brigham South Shields (11)

***Penn*** 3: LSAC summer league 2024, Individual and Teams of 5 qualifiers and Opens, North Channel, 34 anglers; Conditions were perfect but the fishing was as tough for most but not all.  Catches were made up of mostly whiting and dabs with a couple of flounders and dogs.  Results; 1st Rob Collins Saundersfoot 232 points 22 fish (3), 2nd Peter Hammond, Ferryside 130 points 13 fish (2), 3rd Franco Attanasio Saundersfoot 149 points 9 fish (2).  Biggest Fish was a 40cm flounder landed by Richard Morgan. Teams on the Day; 1st West Wales Match Anglers, 2nd Team Ultima, 3rd Kev’s Dogs, 4th South Wales Sea Dogs
***Penn*** 3: Hastings SAC Sea League Open 52 anglers; 1st Darren Smith Hastings 711 pts (5), 2nd Mark Rogers Maidstone 618 points (4), 3rd Steve Arthur Sittingbourne 615 points (3), zone winners; ZA Joe Smith Deal (2), ZC Joe Plumstead Pevensey Bay (2), ZD Robbie Brown (2), ZE Tom Wells Deal (2), biggest fish landed by Nick May Hastings (2).  Team results after 2 Matches; 1st Channel Angling 37pts, 2nd Deal & Walmer 39pts, 3rd S A pro pumps 47pts, 4th Maidstone a/c 49pts, 5th Century 50pts, 6th Hasting’s a/c 56 pts, 7th Tony’s tackle 57 pts, 8th Team 5 59 pts, 9th Big Red 72 pts, 10th Reel Deal 83 pts

***Penn*** 8: Edinburgh New Year Shore League, Newhaven, 17 anglers; 1st Ian Campbell Falkirk 7 fish for 211pts (1), 2nd Mike Kyle Dalkeith 6 fish for 203pts, 3rd Lindsay Bell Edinburgh 5 fish for 150pts.  Longest fish 40cm Chris Cooper Edinburgh

***Penn***8: Fishon Tackle Round 3, Pagham 65 anglers; 1st John Delaney Fareham 959cm (6), 2nd Darren Newlands Ryde 926cm (5), 3rd Darren Bond Lancing 800cm (4), Zone winners Dan Mogridge Portsmouth (2), Billy Potter Chichester (2), biggest fish 76cm thornback ray landed by Owen Dunn (2 Not registered).  Zone A; 1st Dan Mogridge 769cm, 2nd Robbie Ginn 661cm, 3rd Colin Carey 640cm, Zone B; 1st Darren Bond 800cm, 2nd Tony McDonald 731cm, 3rd Anthony Davis 698cm, Zone C; 1st John Delaney 959cm, 2nd Darren Newlands 926cm, 3rd Richie Payne, Zone D; 1st Billy Potter 568cm, 2nd Peter Row 535cm, 3rd Paul Stevens 450cm

***Penn*** 9: Yorkshire Federation of Sea Anglers, Easington, 123 anglers; 1st George Smith Grimsby 3 fish 314 points (1), 2nd Simon Drayton Gainsborough 2 fish 168 points, 3rd Harry Brown (Not reregistered) 4 fish 59 points

***Penn*** 9: 2024 Porlock and Bossington series, Channel Anglers SAC, 45 anglers; 1st Shaun Tucker Swansea (4), 2nd Leigh Davies Porthcawl (3), 3rd Rob Marshall Taunton (2), Heaviest fish: 3lb 12oz Conger eel Keith Warren Clevedon (1).  A zone; 1st Leigh Davies 12 fish 14lb 5oz, 2nd Chris Read 13 fish 13lb 12.5oz, 3rd Terry Hartnell 11 fish 11lb 12.5oz, B zone; 1st Shaun Tucker 13 fish 15lb 8.5oz, 2nd Till Hall 11 fish 12lb 13oz, 3rd James Madsen 8 fish 12lb 5.5oz, C zone; 1st Rob Marshall 12 fish 14lb 12oz, 2nd Lloyd Summers 8 fish 11lb 11.5oz, 3rd Keith Warren 7 fish 10lb 10oz

***Penn*** 9-10: Holt SAC East Coast Pairs, late notice match cancelled

***Penn***10: Leinster League Wexford; The second leg of the 2024 Leinster League was fished on Sunday 10th.  44 Anglers fished Roney Point & Ballinoulart during a window of easing north easterly winds on a pleasant day. Big tide and coloured water made for excellent conditions.  Results; 1st Alby Allan South Shore SAC 44 fish 1026 points (4), 2nd Thomas Keogh 42 fish 971 points (3), 3rd Noel Fogarty Dublin 37 fish 864 points (2), Zone winner; Ciaran Fogarty Dunn Brinn 15 fish 489 points (1).  Longest fish was a 40cm Whiting landed by Gary Foster Santry (1)

***Penn*** 10: Cleethorpes open, 20 anglers; 1st Ian Nelson Grimsby 8 fish 172 points (2), 2nd Steve McGregor 6 fish 81 points (1 Not registered), 3rd Danial Jackson 4 fish 80 points

***Penn*** 17: East Anglian Sea League, teams of five and open, Clacton, 58 anglers; 1st Nathan Elliott Dover 11 fish 1001 points (5), 2nd Craig Buy Colchester 13 fish 947 points (4), 3rd Darren Bond Lancing 8 fish 816 points 3.  Zone winners; ZA Lee Caley Woodbridge 2 fish 163 points (2) ZB John Austin Ipswich 8 fish 178 points (2).  Biggest fish was a 50cm ray landed by Saul Page Deal (2), Jason Turner Colchester (2) and Darren Bond.  Team Results; 1st Italicanna 36 points, R&R angling 36 points, 3rd Breakaway 33 points, 4th World of Fish 32 points, 4th Ipswich Sea anglers 32 points, 6th Hartys Odd Bods 30 points, 7th Birds Tackle and Guns 29 points, Birds Tackle 29 points, 9th Tucky’s Young Guns 22 points, 10th Slap and Tackle 21 points.  Overall, Teams; 1st Team Breakaway 183 points, 2nd World of fish 173 points, 3rd Italicanna 172 points, 4th R & R angling 166 points, Ipswich Sea anglers 166 points, 6th Birds Tackle 145 points, 7th Birds Tackle & Guns 130 points, 8th Tucky’s young Guns 116 points, 9th Hartys Odd bods 114 points, 10th Slap & Tackle 109 points, 11thAj Lead Slingers 21 points

***Penn*** 17: Hastings SAC Sea League Open, 52 anglers; 1st Joe Smith Deal 1259 points (5), 2nd Luke Mooring Dover 825 points (4), 3rd Rex Palmer Hastings 763 points (3), zone winners; ZB Julian French Brighton (2), ZC Tom Wells Deal (2), ZE Mark Hurcombe Deal (2).  Biggest fish was a 33cm flounder landed by Michelle Spragg (2) and Darren Smith Worthing (2).  Teams after 3 matches; 1st Channel Angling 52 pts, 2nd pumps 62 pts, 3rd Deal & Walmer 68 pts, 4th Century 77 pts, 5th Hastings SAC 80 pts, 6th Tony’s Tackle 84 pts, 7th Maidstone SAC 86 pts, 8th Team ‘5’ 87 pts, 9th Big Red 112 pts, 10th Reel Deal 116 pts

***Penn*** 22: Edinburgh New Year Shore League, Newhaven, 11 anglers; 1st Gordon Lyall Edinburgh 9 fish 215pts (1), 2nd Ian Campbell Falkirk 9 fish 210pts, 3rd. Chris Cooper Edinburgh 7 fish 200pts.  Longest fish was a 32cm codling landed by Stewart Falconer Arbroath

***Penn*** 23: Southern League round 3 of 12 & open, Cogden, 52 anglers; 1st Ben Arnold Brighton (5), 2nd Dan Mogridge Portsmouth (4), 3rd Ben Bradstock Honiton (3), zone winner Darren Newlands Ryde (2), biggest fish Darren Cramer Southampton (2)

***Penn*** 23: Yorkshire Federation of Sea Anglers, Withernsea 22 anglers; 1st Wayne Leeson Hull 5 fish 296 points (2), 2nd Rob Prince 5 fish 279 points (1)

 ***Penn*** 23: Weston SAA Open: featuring The Browning Trophy teams of five event 75 anglers; 1st Damien Close Burnham on Sea Thornback ray 131oz (7), 2nd Chris Buxton flounders x 2 51oz (6), 3rd Colston Hawker flounder 18oz (5), 4th Dean Burfoot flounder 15oz, 5th Oli Edwards Silver eel 11oz, 6th Tom Bayford bass 3.25oz, 7th Paul Duffy bass 3.25oz, 8th Matt Bishop bass 3.25oz.  Browning Trophy teams of five Champions; Weston Outcasts SAC

***Penn*** 24: Irish Federation of Sea Anglers, 10- 2pm Brandon Bay, no result provided

***Penn*** 24: East Region Shore League Marcross & Monknash, 92 anglers; 1st Daniel Crump Barry 11.54kgs (9), 2nd Roy Tapper Marshfield 10.94kgs (8), 3rd Lloyd Summers Caerphilly 9.56kgs (7).  Biggest fish of the day was a conger eel 5.54kgs landed by Rob Gregg Cardiff (3).  The 2nd leg of the East Region 2024 Shore League was fished on Sunday 24th of March at Marcross & Monknash.  Weather conditions where not ideal with a stiff North West wind blowing right from the start which continued throughout the match. Fish were there right from the start, but problems with weed and rough sea conditions made fishing difficult. 69 out 92 anglers caught fish totalling 146kgs. Made up of 7 different species as follows; dogfish, bull huss, 3 bearded rockling, pouting, conger eel, small eyed ray & bass. Top five individuals: Dan Crump fishing for South Wales Matchmen was top rod with 13 fish consisting of 10 dog fish, 2 conger eels, a nice bass of 3.26kgs for a total weight of 11.54kgs. A close second was Roy Tapper also fishing for South Wales Matchmen with 5 fish consisting of 3 conger eels 2 dog fish for 10.94kgs.  Third place was Lloyd Summers fishing for Team Knockout Baits with 9.56kgs consisting of 4 dog fish, 5 conger eels & a bull huss.  Fourth place went to Chris Jenkins fishing for the Sakuma Match Team with 8.24kgs consisting of 3 conger eels & 4 dog fish.  Fifth place went to visitor Rob Gregg with 7.42 kgs consisting 2 dogfish & a conger eel of 5.54kgs which was also biggest fish of the match. Top 5 Individuals after 2 legs; 1st Lloyd Summers with 197 fish points, accumulative weight 18.58kgs, 2nd Roy Tapper with 196 fish points, accumulative weight 16.7kgs, 3rd Shaun Moore with 192 fish points, accumulative weight 16.55kgs, 4th Chris Jenkins with 188 fish points, accumulative weight 11.7kgs, 5th Dan Crump with 184 fish points, accumulative weight 13.54.  Best named specimen was a tie between John Griffith & Phil Jehu, both had a pouting for 0.45kgs.  Top five teams on the day; 1st Team Sakuma 426 fish points, accumulative weight 23.1 kgs, 15 team points, 2nd Team Knockout Baits with 329 fish points, accumulative weight 18.8kgs 14 team points, 3rd Veal Mail Order also with 329 fish points, accumulative weight 13.3kgs 13 team points, 4th South Wales Matchmen with 380 fish points, accumulate weight 32kgs 12 team points, 5th Caerau SAC with 307 fish points, accumulative weight 9.13kgs.11 team points.  Top 5 Teams after 2 legs; 1st Team Knockout Baits 28 team points, 2nd South Wales Matchmen 27 team points, 3rd Sakuma Match Team 25 team points, 4th Caerau SAC 24 team points, 5th Reel Fishing 22 team points.

***Penn*** 24: Bognor Regis Amateur Angling Society

Pagham 27 anglers; 1st Steve Middleton Bognor Regis Amateur Angling Society 1 fish 84 points (2), 2nd Steven Sevier Guildford 2 fish 81 points (1), 3rd Steve Essery 2 fish 73 points

***Penn*** 24: Hornsea SAC Mark Louden open, 60 anglers, and £200 was raised for a local cancer charity; 1st Chris Fisher Aldbrough cod 2.325kg (6), 2nd Wayne Davidson Thornton cod 1.825kg (5), 3rd Martin Fisher Aldbrough cod 1.425kg (4), Junior winner: G Goodacre plaice 0.25kg
***Penn*** 24: Kent Flounder League Tankerton, no result provided

***Penn*** 29: Seaham Angling Club Good Friday Open, 100 anglers; 1st David Bond, Cod 2.650lbs, (10), 2nd Robert Davison Cod 2.255lbs (9), 3rd Steve Coverdale Darlington Cod 1.820lbs (8)

***Penn***30: Samalite Chesil League round 2 of 10, Bexington, 45 anglers; Results; 1st Till Hall Bath (4), 2nd Lloyd Summers Caerphilly (3), 3rd James Madsen Clevedon (2).  Zone A; 1st Till Hall 834pts, 7 dogs, 2 conger, 2ndLloyd Summers 740pts, 13 dogs, 1 whiting, 3rd Ben Bradstock 520pts, 8 dogs, 1 hound, 1 whiting.  Zone B; 1st James T Madsen 603pts, 9 dogs, 2nd Dave Chidzoy 581pts, 11 dogs, 1 whiting, 3rd Matt Pitter 451pts, 6 dogs, 1 conger, 1 pout.  Heaviest fish; Conger 252pts 5lb 4oz Till Hall

***Penn*** 30: Hastings SAC Open 10-3pm, 15 anglers; Winner on the day was Paul Parsons Eastbourne (1) fishing on the end peg of A section with a good bag of dogs and plaice with a total of 1002 pts.  Heaviest fish was a sole of 46 cm caught by Lee Milton, A section; 1st Paul parsons. 1002 pts, 2nd Izzy 750 pts, B Section; 1st Lee Milton 875 pts, 2nd Gary Copeland 656 pts

***Penn*** 30: Senhouse Street SAC Easter Open Rover, 87 anglers;
1st Nicky Robson Wallsend 10lb 1oz (8), 2nd David Cooper Edinburgh 9lb 6oz (7), 3rd Mike Kyle Easthouses 6lb 4oz (6).  Biggest fish7lb 9oz Thornback Ray landed by Nicky Robson
***Penn*** 31: Mark Rogers Flat-fish open, Hythe, 29 anglers; 1st Jacob Gainey Folkestone 119 points (2), 2nd Mark Pinder Ipswich 65 points (1), 3rd Neil Marsh 49 points

April 2024

***Penn*** 6: Southern League round 4 of 12 & open, Gosport, 52 anglers; 1st Ian Dancy Waterlooville 23lb 7oz (5), 2nd Billy Potter Chichester 22lb 9oz (4), 3rd Till Hall Bath 22lb 6oz (3), heaviest fish was a 7lb 11oz Thornback ray landed by Dave Wade Hove (2)


***Penn*** 6: Redcar and Cleveland Sea Anglers Open 30 anglers;

1st Thomas Tate Sunderland 163cm (3), 2nd John Atherton 78cm (2), 3rd Kev Warner Horncastle 71cm (2)


***Penn*** 6: Anglesey Match Anglers; Pwllheli beach, 30 anglers;

Constant 50mph+ south westerly breeze greeted the 30 Hardy anglers who made their way over for the latest Anglesey match anglers open.  Numbers not as high as usual but definitely not short of class with a strong field of anglers competing, fishing was never going to set the world alight with most of the match in daylight but there were a few fish for everyone, and no blanks recorded.  Match was fished to a continental pay-out; 1st A zone Shane Russell Old Colwyn 13 fish 554cm (3), 2nd B zone Dave Cave Holyhead 11 fish 522cm (2), 3rd Paul Molyneux Upholland 12 fish for 440cm.  Zone prizes; A zone Gav parker 14 fish 298cm, B zone Tony Bob10 fish 429cm


***Penn*** 7: West Bay Sea Angling Club,49th Chesil Championship, The Angling Centre on 01308 421800


***Penn*** 7: Kent Flounder League Allhallows 28 anglers; 1st Ray Jeffrey Sheerness 383cm (2), 2nd Lee Collins Gillingham 350cm (1), 3rd Alan Underdown Herne Bay 299cm


***Penn*** 7: Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers, open, Riverside Drive, 44 anglers; 1st Chris Barrett Edinburgh Zone 1 217 points (4) 2nd James Duncan Brechin Zone 2 205 points (3), 3rd Gus Brindle Zone 3 201 points (2).  Longest fish Pete Smalls 33cm (1). Junior Winner Jay Stoker 131 points


***Penn*** 7: Bonkers bank open 30 anglers; 1st Dave Wilson Hornsea 10 fish 562 points (3), 2nd Tom Marshall Flamborough19 fish 402 points (2), 3rd Brett Bartram Barton 13 fish 359 points (2).  Biggest round fish 67cm bass landed by Dave Wilson and biggest flat fish 41cm flounder landed by Brett Bartram. Junior winner Rex Taylor 16 fish 210 points


***Penn*** 13: Excelsior Sea Fishing Club Open, Cleveleys, 31 anglers; 1st Trevor Barnett Blackpool 15 fish 423cm (3), 2nd David Baylis Blackpool 17 fish 410cm (2), 3rd David G Hutchinson Lancaster 15 fish 380cm (2).  Zone A; Clive mason Blackpool 15 fish 364cm, Zone B; Jason Cityzen Blackpool 17 fish 378cm.  Biggest fish 107cm conger Matty Palmer Millom

***Penn Plus *** 13-14: Sea Anglers Match Federation, Ian Golds memorial masters, Cambois Northumberland, 59 anglers; 1st Paddy Kerrigan Jarrow (11), 2nd Neil Cutler Gateshead (10), 3rd Steve Potts Gosforth (9), 4th Gavin Owen Consett (8), 5th Bob Gascoigne Cramlington (7), 6th Wayne Leeson Hull (6), 7th Andy Young Lancaster (5), 8th Dave Lane Weymouth (4), 9th Kenny McCoy Sunderland (4), 10th Dave Hutchinson Blackpool (4).  Biggest fish was a flounder 1lb 13oz landed by Simon Drayton Gainsborough (4)


***Penn *** 13 Cancer all clear open Hastings, supporting prostate cancer UK, first of all thanks to the sponsors Mark Rogers, light Renewables and Hastings & St Leonards Angling Association and also thanks to all those donated towards the prize table.  Total money raised on the day was a whopping £1800.00 all going to prostate cancer, well done to all who contributed.  Results; 1st Joe Wales Shoreham 1414 points (5), 2nd Louie Smith Deal 1308 points (4), 3rd Nick May Hastings 1053 points (3).  Zone winners; ZA Mark Rogers Maidstone (2), ZC Dave Wade Hove (2), ZD Marian Spirea London (2), ZF Colin Crosby Hastings (2).  Heaviest fish was a bass of 260 pts 5-1/14 lb landed by Steve Martin (2).  Top lady was Marilyn Wicks.  Top junior was Spencer Bushell and runner up Evie Smith


***Penn*** 14: East Anglian Sea League, teams of five and open, Dunwich 57 anglers; 1st Kevin Eley Ipswich 21 fish 735 points (5), 2nd Dan Eagle Leiston 17 fish 547 points, 3rd Steve Adams Chelmondiston 17 fish 462 points (3).  Zone winners; ZA Steve Boyt Felixstowe 22 fish 378 points (2), ZB Richard Burt Clacton 9 fish 210 points (2), ZC Nathan Elliott Dover 13 fish 371 points (2), ZD Rob Tuck Holland on Sea 15 fish 295 points (2), biggest fish was a 48cm bass landed by Nathan


***Penn*** 14: Cumbria Open, Walney Channel, 70 anglers;

The start to the day was a nice sunny morning and everyone was in good spirit, , however this soon changed to become chilly, overcast and a little windy. There was a total of 125 fish caught ranging from Flounder, Coleys and a single Dogfish, all were released back to the sea. Results; 1st Peter Gaitskell Barrow in Furness 52cm Coalfish (7),
2nd Adam Deaken Barrow in Furness 48cm Coalfish (6), 3rd Matthew Phillips Barrow in Furness 47cm Dogfish (5).  The total longest bag went to one of the Junior Anglers Oscar Palmer Millom 6 fish 229cm (2).  Zone Winner (Green) Danny Morrow Barrow in Furness 43cm (2).  Ladies’ winner; Sarah Sharp Millom 3 fish longest 39cm for a total of 113cm.  Junior winner Hollie Stoker Scotland 1 fish 22cm.  The Sponsors of the match were, Gints Bait and Tackle, Sakuma, Akios/Inova, Jaggar Heating & Plumbing Ltd, A&J Fisheries, Cumbria Design Scaffold, and Lakes UPVC and Glazing.  The Committee thank all our sponsors, and of course all the Anglers that turned out today to make a great match.

***Penn*** 14: Hastings SAC Sea League Open 60 anglers; 1st Thomas Wells Deal 27 fish 1324pts (6), 2nd Dave Wade Hove 1169pts (5), 3rd Gavin Smith 864pts (4).  Zone winners; ZA Jack Wiltshire Eastbourne (2), ZE Brett Cotter London (2).  Heaviest fish was a flounder worth 52pts landed by Ralph Crosby Hastings (2).  Team positions after four matches; 1st Channel Angling Deal. 63 pts, 2nd S A Pro Pumps. 81 pts, 3rd Deal & Walmer 100pts, 4th Hastings Angling centre. 102 pts, 5th Maidstone A.C. 109 pts, 6th Century match team. 113 pts, 7th Tony’s Tackle. 122 pts, 8th Team ‘5’. 123pts, 9th Big Red. 146 pts, 10th Reel deal. 147 pts.  Top individuals; 1st Tom wells 3 pts, 2nd Dave Wade 4pts, 3rd Luke Mooring 5pts and Joe Smith 5 pts


***Penn***19: Fishon Tackle Round 4, Browndown, 62 Anglers; 1st Paul Stevens Worthing 1030cm (6), 2nd Ian Dancey Waterlooville 1026cm (5), 3rd Anton James Portsmouth 973cm (4).  Zone winners; ZA Jamie Boyling Brighton (2) ZC Dean Ryan Portsmouth (2), ZD Dan Mogridge Portsmouth (2).  Longest fish Smoothound 103cm landed by Dean Ryan.  Zone A; 1st Jamie Boyling 838cm, 2nd Liam McGrady 824cm, 3rd Steve Manning 776cm, Zone B; 1st Paul Stevens 1030cm, 2nd Ian Dancey 1026cm, 3rd Anton James 973cm, Zone C; 1st Dean Ryan 961cm, 2nd Darren Bond 898cm, 3rd Phill lee 724cm, 4th Darren Cramer 649cm, Zone D; 1st Dan Mogridge 879cm, 2nd Mick Webb 833cm, 3rd Dave Ware 434cm


***Penn Final*** 20: Angling Trust 2023 Penn Sea League Final, Kelling Heath; Zone A; 1st Saul Page Deal (10), 2nd Tom Wells Deal (9), 3rd Shane Russell Old Colwyn (8), 4th Nathan Elliott Dover (7), 5th Simon Drayton Gainsborough (6), 6th Andrew Dugdale Peel (5), 7th Dave Shorthouse Kettering (4), 8th Joe Plumstead Pevensey Bay (3), 9th Chris O’Sullivan Tralee (2), 10th Lloyd Summer Caerphilly (1).  Zone B; 1st Darren Newland Ryde (10), 2nd Sam Collier Dover (9), 3rd Joe Wales Shoreham (8), 4th Julian Shambrook Torquay (7), 5th Phil Lee Sussex (6), 6th Wayne McGilloway Greenfields (5), 7th Ged Stevens Barrow in Furness (4), 8th Shaun Moore Cardiff (3), 9th Darren Bond Lancing (2), 10th Daniel Crump Barry (1).  Zone C; 1st Garry Hutson Cleethorpes (10), 2nd Colin Crosby Hastings (9), 3rd Gareth Griffiths Barrow in Furness (8), 4th Tony Roberts Holyhead (7), 5th Ben Bradstock Honiton (6), 6th Chris Read Cardiff (5), 7th Wayne Davison Thornton (4), 8th Gavin Owen Consett (3), 9th Shaun Tucker Cardiff (2), 10th Rob Tuck Holland on Sea (1)


***Penn***20: Redcar and Cleveland Sea Anglers, Open, no result provided.


***Penn Plus*** 21: North Norfolk Open, Kelling, 38 anglers; The weather played its part with very difficult conditions putting a few off from fishing.  However, despite a very windy day and tough conditions whiting, dabs, rockling, some big pout and a dog were caught. Results;  Nathan Elliott Dover 31 fish 447 points (3),

2nd Thomas Wells Deal 28 fish 421 points (2), 3rd  Michael Topping Lodden 25 fish 379 points (2), 4th Sam Collier Dover (1), 5th Rob Tuck Holland on Sea (1), 6th Shane Russell Old Colwyn (1), 7th Gary Medler Marham (1) 8th Tony Bob Roberts Holyhead (1), 9th Richard Burt Clacton (1), 10th Chris Spall Westleton (1)


***Penn***21: Hornsea SAC Lifeboat open, 60 anglers; 1st Rich Lunn Hornsea bass 1.850kg (6), 2nd Wayne Leason Hull skate 1.80kg (5), 3rd Shaun Crow cod 1.70kg (4).  Biggest bag: 1st Rich Lunn Hornsea 3.225kg, 2nd Chris Fisher 2.25kg, 3rd Shaun Crow 2.025kg.  Juniors Biggest fish and biggest bag winner: J Marshall 0.675kg.  Well done to all, £208 raised for RNLI

***Penn*** 21: Reel Fun Fishing: League and opens, Littleton-upon-Severn Series, 50 anglers; 1st James Madsen Clevedon (5), 2nd Richard Long (4), 3rd Steve Ace (3).  Heaviest fish Neil Dodd (2), Zone winner David Knight (2).  Zone A; 1st Dave Knight 15 1/2oz, 2nd Andy Clements 14 1/2oz, 3rd Kevin Hughes 13oz.  Zone B; 1st Rich Long 2lb 9oz, 2nd Derek Gammon 1lb 61/2oz, 3rd Steve Harper 1lb 1oz.  Zone C; 1st James Madsen 2lb 15 1/2oz, 2nd Steve ace 2lb 6oz, 3rd Dave Shore and Neil Dodd both 2lb 5oz.  Heaviest round fish was a 2lb 5oz bass landed by Neil Dodd


***Penn*** 21: Irish Federation of Sea Anglers, 2-6pm Cashen, 18 anglers; 1st Connie O’Sullivan Kerry 3 fish 120pts (1), 2nd Fiachra Cronin 2 fish 91 pts, 3rd Stephen Casey 3 fish 80pts.  Biggest fish was a 50cm Bass landed by Kevin Kiely


***Penn***27: Samalite Chesil League round 3 of 10, Abbotsbury, 36 anglers; On a calm but wet night the latest round of the Samalite was fished on Chesil.  As normal the big beach produced a range of species; Plaice, dab, dogfish, pout, smoothound, conger.  The best flat on the night was a 40cm plaice 1lb 8 1/2oz caught by Julian Shambrook. Results; Till Hall Bath (3), 2nd Dave Chidzoy Bridport (2), 3rd Ben Bradstock Honiton (2).  Zone A; 1st Dave Chidzoy 748pts, 9 dogs, 2 plaice, 3 pout, 1 smoothound, 1 conger, 2nd Malcolm Stote 578pts, 9 dogs, 3rd Terry Hartnell 474pts, 3 dogs, 2 pout, 1 hound, B zone; 1st Till Hall 897pts, 12 dogs, 1 conger, 2nd Ben Bradstock , 612 pts, 5 dogs, 2 conger, 1 hound, 3rd Ian Dancey , 561pts, 8 dogs, 2 pout, 1 conger.  Heaviest fish; smoothound, 95cm/330pts/ 6lb 14oz landed by Darren Stevens


***Penn*** 27-28: Irish Federation of Sea Anglers; Tag-A-Ray Tralee Bay, 40 anglers; A bitter cold East and northerly wind on day one made fishing difficult for the anglers but the trio of Mike Fox Kevin Hayden and Troy Francis weren’t feeling the cold landing 26 rays between them consisting of Painted ray Undulate ray and Thornbacks. Day 2 was a better day conditions wise but unfortunately it was the spider crabs who really heard the dinner bell instead of the rays. Nonetheless David O’Sullivan persevered through and landed 3 rays on day 2 with James Raymond and Alan Horgan both catching. 10 acoustic tags were used on the rays which was the full amount the Marine institute brought so it was a massive success. Results; Day 1 1st Troy Francis 10 rays, 2nd Kevin Hayden 8 rays, 3rd Mike Fox 8 rays.   Day 2; 1st David O’Sullivan 3 rays, 2nd James Raymond 1 ray, 3rd Alan Horgan 1 ray.  Over all; 1st Troy Francis Killarney 10 rays (8), 2nd Kevin Hayden Kerry 8 rays (7), 3rd Mike Fox 8 rays (6), Day 2 winner David O’Sullivan Tralee 3 rays (4)


***Penn***28: Leinster League Kilcoole 36 anglers; Tough fishing mainly due to north east wind and bright sunshine.  Results; 1st Eamon Bermingham (3), 2nd David Coleman (2), 3rd Frank Lawlor (2).  Longest fish was a 39cm Plaice landed by Gavin Fogarty

***Penn*** 28: LSAC summer league 2024, Individual and Teams of 5 qualifiers, 10 anglers; 1st Ben Edwards Carmarthen 934 points with a bag of 3 small eyes, 1 Huss and dogs (1), 2nd Dorian Harris 784 points, 3 small eyes and dogs, 3rd Simon Phelps with 544 points, thornback, hound and dogs.  Team Standings after 3 rounds; 1st WWMA 6 points, 2nd Team Ultima 6 points, 3rd Kev’s Dogs 8 points, 4th South Wales Sea Dogs 12 points

***Penn*** 28: Alby Clements Memorial Open 2024.  Aldeburgh 65 anglers; 1st Tom Bennington 10 fish 280 points (6), 2nd Joe Plumstead Pevensey Bay 9 fish 273 points (5), 3rd Craig Buy Colchester 6 fish 256 points (4), zone winners; Z4 Kipper Coleman (2), Z5 Allan Lewis (2), Biggest fish was a dogfish of 65cm landed by Bob Foster Ipswich (2).  Winning Junior Mark Banham


***Penn*** 28: Maryport & District SAC, Spring Open, 11-3pm

Rover, Heaviest Fish open, 72 anglers; 25 competitors weighed in 26 fish for a total weight of 26lb-2¾oz, consisting of 25 Plaice, 1 Dogfish, Results; 1st Mike Laycock Workington Plaice; 1lb-6¾oz (7),2nd David Cooper Edinburgh Plaice; 1lb-5½oz (6), 3rd Steve Litt Wigton Plaice; 1lb-5¼oz (5), 4th Tony Lewthwaite Cockermouth Plaice; 1lb-4oz.  Heaviest round fish was a dogfish; 1lb-12¾oz landed by Paul Tuck Maryport


***Penn*** 28: Holt SAC Norfolk Team Challenge Round 6, Grand Final, Bacton, 20 anglers; 1st Dave Shorthouse Kettering 27 fish 11lb 7oz (2), 2nd Paul Marshall Corby 19 fish 9lb 4oz (1)

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