Angling Trust Species Hunt – All Time Specimen Catches

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All-Time Specimen Catches

Species Min Size Name Length/ Wingspan Year Caught Location
Bass 70cm Oly Kucyj 78cm 2015 Milford
Black Bream 37cm Rhys Lewis 40cm 2014 Chesil Beach
Couch’s Sea Bream 42cm X X X X
Gilthead Bream 42cm Mark Harding 58cm 2019 Platte Saline
Pandora Bream 42cm X X X X
Ray’s Bream 42cm X X X X
Red Bream 42cm X X X X
White Sea Bream 42cm X X X X
Bull Huss 88cm Karl Phillips 110cm 2024 Cym-yr-Eglws
88cm Russell Farley 120cm 2014 Berry Head, Devon
Cod 80cm X X X X
Dab 34cm Andrew McConaghie 34cm 2019 Waterfoot Pier
Lesser Spotted Dogfish 67cm Andrew McConaghie 70cm 2018 Waterfoot Pier
Black-Mouthed Dogfish 67cm X X X X
Conger Eel 116cm Simon Gavey 150cm+ 2019 Jersey
Silver Eel 88cm X X X X
Flounder 42cm Ollie Mears 46cm 2016 Poole Harbour
Grey Thick-Lipped Mullet 49cm Simon Gavey 53cm 2023 Jersey
49cm Mark Harding 60cm 2014 Doyle, Isle of Wight
49cm Ross Johnson 60cm 2014 Alderney
49cm Ollie Mears 60cm 2017 Weymouth Harbour
Golden Grey Mullet 36cm David Cobb 45cm 2022 Bistro Beach, Southbourne
Red Mullet 34cm Steve Farrow 39cm 2019 Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Plaice 42cm Andy Daniels 50cm 2018 Plymouth
Pollock 66cm Matthew Phillips 75cm 2023 Green Breakwater
66cm Gareth Griffiths 72cm 2018 Rock Mark, West Wales
Blonde Ray 64cm Jason Warne 69cm 2014 Ventnor, Isle of Wight
Small-Eyed Ray 47cm Dave Williams 60cm 2023 Friars Point
47cm Steven Coaker 61cm 2016 Milford Haven
Spotted Ray 47cm X X X X
Sting Ray 64cm X X X X
62cm Simon Lancastle 62cm 2023 Bristol Channel
Thornback Ray 62cm David Williams 66cm 2015 Holyhead
Undulate Ray 64cm Kevin Clark 69cm 2018 Chesil Beach
Common Smoothhound 93cm Mike Watts 116cm 2023 Morpa Beach, near Port
93cm Rohan Groves 114cm 2019 Bracklesham Bay
93cm Daryl Green 140cm 2018 Hayling Island Beach
Dover Sole 42cm Simon Lancastle 49cm 2023 Bristol Channel
42cm Martin Morgan 43cm 2015 Chesil Beach
Lemon Sole 42cm X X X X
Spurdog 90cm X X X X
Tope 130cm Gareth Griffiths 172cm 2019 Abereiddy Rock Mark
Triggerfish 57cm X X X X
Whiting 46cm Tim Bentham 46cm 2018 Cold Knapp, Barry
Ballan Wrasse 50cm James Clarke 55cm 2014 Alderney
Cuckoo Wrasse 34cm X X X X

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