Fighting for Fishing
12 December 2023

The best is yet to come

“I guess like many anglers with 50 plus years in the sport, I’m not alone in finding it increa…
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Fighting for Fishing
17 February 2022

Fighting for Fishing: Chub City in a Winter Wonderland

The wind is blowing a hoolie outside, making the trees in my neighbour’s garden sway alarmingly. The…
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Lines On The Water
12 June 2020

A beginner’s guide to river fishing

Looking to go coarse fishing on running water when the season allows? Qualified Coach, Dominic Garne…
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Get Fishing Resources - Fishbook
21 August 2019

Fishbook: Chub

‘Fishbook’: Our species-guide series based on “Get Fishing” the brilliant ho…
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