22 December 2022

Bass Take Season Extended for Recreational Anglers from Dec…

Following 2022 fisheries negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the recreat…
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26 October 2022

Bringing Back Bigger Bass – Angling Trust, Bass Anglers…

Representatives from the Angling Trust, Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society and Save Our Seabass have…
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25 August 2022

Bringing Back Bigger Bass – Fishery Management Process Underway

Another step on the road to the UK’s new bass fishery management plan has been taken with the…
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Angling Trust
28 July 2022

Do You Care About Bass? Want To Get Your…

If you fish for bass in the UK and want to continue fishing for them in the future, then this may be…
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05 January 2022

Angling Trust Secures Funding for Fisheries Management Plans

The Angling Trust is pleased to announce that government funding through the Fisheries and Seafood S…
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