Daiwa Sports Ltd has been operating in the UK since 1977 and the brand name has a long standing reputation for quality on all fronts from product design right through to customer care.

With over 120 employees, we have the most advanced rod and pole manufacturing plant outside the Far East. But whilst our business is designing, making and selling fishing tackle to dealers around the UK we also have an award winning after sales department, looking after maintenance, repairs and spares for anglers and dealers alike.

It is also fair to say that ‘putting back’ into the sport has been a commonplace mind-set from the beginning. Not just sponsorship of bigger occasions but also right down the line to the local, small event level especially where fund raising and angling development has been the focus. Those contributing ‘partnerships’ happen across the fishing spectrum.

Our most recent ‘trade membership’ with the Angling Trust is a highly welcomed partnership opportunity to extend the benefit of our contribution across the welfare of angling, assisting them on many worthy fronts.


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