The KUMU Clothing brand has a strong design background and we have become renowned for our graphic pieces and creative thinking. Our ethos has always been to push the creative boundaries, raise two fingers to the mundane and swim against the flow of the angling industry.

We create unique and carefully thought-out pieces which blur the lines between the realms of angling and fashion, offering something completely different and fashion-focused to the angling market. It’s this ‘need’ to constantly excite and inspire our audience that keeps the brand moving forward, as we explore new avenues. experiment with techniques and inject our own unique style into the angling industry and beyond.

What started life as a side project for our founder Stephen May originally as a creative outlet for his ideas, has grown beyond what we ever thought possible and now sees KUMU worn by anglers of all disciplines across the globe. Aside from our graphics we’ve always strived to produce the best quality garments we possibly can, meaning we can offer unrivalled comfort and a luxurious feel whether you choose to wear our clothing casually or on the bank.

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