Anglers Against Litter

Campaign gives anglers a voice on litter and plastics

Our Anglers Against Litter campaign provides a voice for anglers wanting to see an end to the harm litter and plastics cause fish and wildlife.

Discarded litter can enter rivers, flow into estuaries and wash up on beaches all over the UK. It releases toxic pollutants and becomes an eyesore that is overwhelming our countryside.

Anglers Against Litter acts as a platform for anglers to call for an end to littering and excessive plastic consumption. It also promotes easy steps that anglers can take to help reduce their own litter.

Together we can take a stand against litter, and work towards cleaner healthier waters.

Staycation sparks surge in waste

Since lockdown restrictions have been lifted there has been an increase in litter and plastic pollution on our beaches and in our rivers. With many people taking staycations this year, more litter and plastics are polluting the countryside and coastal resorts. Waters have also become littered with a new threat – personal protection equipment (PPE). One recent clean-up on a Cornish beach found 171 gloves and face masks in the sea and on the sand in just one hour.

Images of popular UK beauty spots inundated by plastic pollution have been widespread in the media, and many of our fishing spots are the same.

Anglers Against Litter wants an end to the harm litter and plastics are having on our environment. But we need your help. The more people that show their support for the campaign, the greater our voice can be in calling for change. Leading by example, anglers can demonstrate how we should be looking after our environment and encourage others to do the same.

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