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19 October 2022

How to get into fishing during Women in Sport UK’s…

There is an inactivity crisis happening right now, with 1.3 million girls in the UK dropping out of…
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Lizette Beunders and Bianca Venema are pictured in front of a glistening Lac de Madine in France, kissing their historic engraved glass trophy for the World Carp Classic in 2013.
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22 February 2022

LGBT+ History Month: Celebrating Lizette Beunders and Bianca Venema’s…

As we mark LGBT+ history month, we’re celebrating the angling achievements of Dutch angling couple L…
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03 December 2019

England chosen to host inaugural Ladies World Carp Angling…

History will be made in 2020 as England has been chosen to host the inaugural Ladies World Carp Angl…
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