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Find Fighting Fit Fly Fishing at Farmoor

Angling Development Officer Dave Evans has teamed up with Thames Water to run free fly fishing sessions in the coming weeks for anyone who wants to return to fishing after a break. Dave explains what’s on offer at the “Get Back Into Game Angling” events …

We all know someone who hasn’t been fishing for ages – sometimes they got married, had kids, changed jobs… It can be difficult to pick up a rod again after time off – you might think “there’s no time”, “it’s too expensive”, “I don’t know where to go/what to do” – and those are all valid reasons that stop lots of people coming back to fishing. But all you need is a helping hand to take that step back to the waterside …and we’ve got just the thing for you.

Whether you used to go fly fishing or were a coarse or sea angler, our free fly fishing sessions at Thames Water’s Farmoor reservoir near Oxford are the perfect chance to reacquaint yourself with angling. We’ll lend you all the tackle you’ll need and a coach will teach you how to cast or brush up on your technique, and what flies and kit to use.

A half-day ticket for Farmoor is usually £17 and the cost of a qualified licensed fly fishing coach like Angus Campbell who leads the sessions at Farmoor could be as much as £100 or more – you do the maths – this is a great chance to get back into angling – all you’ll need is a day’s fishing licence and Angus can help you get that too! Because Farmoor is pretty central it’s easy for people to get to as well, so don’t miss out as places will fill up fast!

I spoke to Will Barnard, the Fisheries Manager at Farmoor about Get Back Into Angling who told me “It’s great that Thames Water can help the Angling Trust’s Get Fishing campaign encourage more people to come back to fishing after a break in the Get Back Into Angling sessions that they are running in the coming weeks at Farmoor Reservoir. We often meet anglers who used to go fishing but stopped for a variety of reasons, and this programme is ideal for them to rediscover the wonders of fly angling, or try it for the first time. The reservoir is well stocked with fighting-fit rainbow trout and after four hours of free coaching during the ‘Get Back Into…’ session, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll find yourself connected to one. Just hold tight as they go like rockets!

Sounds like fun eh?

The great thing about fly fishing is that it’s so neat and tidy – you can pretty much fit what you need in a small bag or just your pockets so there’s no messing about with tons of bait and filling the car, house and garage with a load of kit – believe me, as carp angler I know what’s involved!

At the end of the informal four hour Get Back Into Game Angling “lesson” you’ll have enough confidence and know-how to get fishing again straight away!

Find a date at Farmoor here and come and Get Back Into Angling!


Dave Evans
Angling Development Officer (South)
Angling Trust
[email protected]
07854 239 721

Farmoor Get Back Into Angling Event Contact Enquiries & Bookings:
Angus Campbell
07599 892 967
[email protected]

The “Get Fishing” campaign and its Get Back Into Angling initiative is run by the Angling Trust to increase the number of people being introduced or returning to angling across the country. Anyone interested in going fishing can find angling events at Get fishing Near You. The events listed are for all participants regardless of gender, age, fitness or previous angling experience.

Angling Participation and the Get Fishing campaign is supported by Environment Agency fishing licence income and helps  thousands of people give fishing a go each year.

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