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Fishing TV’s Official Partner Angling Trust’s ‘Get Fishing’ Team arrange 30 FREE events around the UK


Watch the World Fishing Day trailer: 

After commissioning research that reveals fishing is a life skill that modern parents are no longer teaching their children, the market-leading video on demand platform for high quality fishing content, Fishing TV, is set to hold the first ever World Fishing Day on Saturday 23rd June 2018 in a bid to unite the angling community, bring new people into the sport, celebrate the joys of angling and highlight the incredible power of angling to make positive changes in the world and in people’s lives.

Delivery partner the Angling Trust have announced that their ‘Get Fishing’ team have arranged over 30 free events across the UK for families and anybody interested in taking up the sport to attend and try it out. The events will be run by Get Fishing, national angling charity Get Hooked on Fishing and the Canal & River Trust who have joined forces to support World Fishing Day.

Fishing TV will also be providing a free 24-hour live TV show of incredible fishing action through their platform. The live filming will be hosted in a news-anchor-style from a London based studio, featuring pre-recorded VTs and link-ups to live fishing action from 20+ locations around the world.

Appointed as official events partner by FishingTV, The Angling Trust’s ‘Get Fishing’ team has arranged 30 special UK based events on Saturday 23rd June, to support World Fishing Day. Backed by the Environment Agency to help hundreds of people to discover angling, the events are part of World Fishing Day’s non-stop 24-hour showcase that will explain fishing to anyone puzzled by just what makes it so popular. To head up the action, a live camera team led by roving reporter Andy Ford (BT Sport, On The Bank) will visit as many of these events as possible around the country. Andy’s against-the-clock challenge aims to cover the variety of unusual methods and locations where fishing can be enjoyed in England. 

Here’s where the Angling Trust events will be taking place, on World Fishing Day (23rd June):

*World Fishing Day Mersey Match, Armstrong Quay, Liverpool, North West
*World Fishing Day Flagship at Nottingham, East Midlands
*World Fishing Day at Orrell Water Park, Wigan
*World Fishing Day Flagship at Barton, West Midlands
*World Fishing Day Flagship at Stafford, North West
*World Fishing Day Flagship at Bristol, South West
*World Fishing Day at Lightmoor Pool, West Midlands
*World Fishing Day at Orchard Lakes, Hampshire
*World Fishing Day at Hiltingbury Lakes, Southampton
*World Fishing Day with Get Hooked on Fishing at Magiscroft Fishery, Scotland
*World Fishing Day with Get Hooked on Fishing at Edas Welifield Lake
*World Fishing Day with Get Hooked on Fishing at Cudmore Fishery, West Midlands
*World Fishing Day with Get Hooked on Fishing at Flanshaw Dam, Yorkshire
*World Fishing Day with Get Hooked on Fishing at Northala Fields, Northolt, Middlesex
*World Fishing Day at Shillinglee Fishery
*Let’s Fish World Fishing Day with Canal & Rivers Trust on the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal
*Let’s Fish World Fishing Day with Canal & Rivers Trust on the Trent & Mersey Canal
*World Fishing Day at Fir Tree Fishery
*World Fishing Day with Bury District Angling Society at Comptons Fishing Lodge
*World Fishing Day at Holmebrook Valley Park Open Day
*World Fishing Day with The Manderson Trust
*World Fishing Day at Leigh Mill Fly Fishing Syndicate
*World Fishing Day at Northgate Fishery, West Midlands
*World Fishing Day at Kingsbury Water Park, West Midlands
*World Fishing Day at the Braybrooke Open Day
*World Fishing Day at the Stratford River Festival, West Midlands
*World Fishing Day at Bells Mill Fishery, West Midlands
*World Fishing Day at the River Lark
*World Fishing Day with Get Hooked on Fishing at Bradshaw Fishery, Near Bolton
*World Fishing Day at Windmill Lakes, Near Bristol
*Let’s Fish World Fishing Day with Canal & Rivers Trust at Lodge Lake Small Pond, Milton Keynes
*World Fishing Day at Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire
*World Fishing Day at Aldercar Lane, Nottingham

Commercial Director of Fishing TV, Ed Burgass, said: “By holding World Fishing Day, we are able to combat the fact that families are no longer fishing together like they once did. As a child, I went fishing with my father regularly and some of my fondest memories are from the river bank. As someone whose second child arrived recently, this is something that I am keen to pass on to future generations. Fishing TV’s ultimate goal for World Fishing Day is to bring more people into the sport of angling, particularly women and children, whilst also shedding a light on the conservation issues surrounding fishing and highlighting fishing’s power to improve people’s lives around the world.” 

Will Smith, Angling Promotion Manager for the Angling Trust, said: “We’ve been so excited since World Fishing Day invited us to get behind its inspiring and ambitious plan to raise awareness of angling. We called into action our network of event organisers and it’s a credit to them that amazingly they’ve come together to offer 30 completely FREE nationwide events! That means hundreds of families will get the opportunity to discover why fishing is such a massively popular pastime. And with the clock ticking towards Saturday 23rd June the excitement is really building now…” 

Clive Copeland, Head of Participation at the Angling Trust shared Will’s enthusiasm: “The Angling Trust is proud to be an official partner of World Fishing Day on Saturday 23rd June. We’ll be supporting clubs, fisheries and charities to deliver free events that will celebrate angling and introduce newcomers to the joys, health and wellbeing benefits of our wonderful sport.” 

Television journalists and presenters Fiona Armstrong, Keith Arthur and Matthew Wright have been confirmed to host the 24-hour World Fishing Day live stream, with keen anglers and influencers such as Ian Chillcott, Sir Ian Botham, James Murray & Marina Gibson also lending their support.

Fishing TV’s World Fishing Day will take place on Saturday 23rd June 2018.

The 30 Angling Trust World Fishing Day events are listed at with full info including times, contacts and satnav details.

Register to watch the free live World Fishing Day broadcast here:

Fishing TV’s content (some content is free, some is paid for) is available via The Fishing TV app can also be downloaded through the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, EE TV and is compatible with many Smart TVs. Annual Fishing TV passes are available for just £60 per year.


For all media enquiries relating to World Fishing Day, please contact Katie French and Tom Baxter at KPPR on 0203 137 6499 | [email protected] | [email protected]

For all media enquiries relating to the Angling Trust, please contact Will Smith on [email protected]


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The seeds of FishingTV were sown when lifelong angling fanatic Rae Borras teamed up with actor Geoffrey Palmer and producers Dave Hatter and Tim Jones at Oval Films, who were producing content for Discovery Real Time’s 10-part series The Compleat Angler at the time. The show’s positive reception convinced Rae, Dave and Tim that there was a market for high quality angling programmes and this led them to create the website, a subscription video-streaming service aimed specifically at anglers. Although there was also some third-party content, original series like Game Fisher’s Diary, Chilly on Carp and Boat Fishing with Barham established the team’s reputation as producers of great fishing television and formed the backbone of the service. In 2011, moved into the emerging world of SmartTV apps. This necessitated a name change, and FishingTV was born. In 2014, the team began planning a move into the world of mobile technology, and so began the process of redesigning the service from the ground up, including developing apps for a range of devices including Smartphones and tablets. The new platform was launched in the summer of 2016 and at the same time the subscription model was replaced with a pay-per-view model and an expanded library of content from around the world to supplement FishingTV’s own productions. FishingTV’s app is now available on all major smartTV brands, as well as numerous set-top boxes and Blu-ray players around the world, including Amazon FireTV. Since 2016, FishingTV has continued to produce ground-breaking fishing content, including the popular Sky Sports series Carp Wars, now back for a second season, and the acclaimed fly fishing documentary CHALK.

About the Angling Trust

The Get Fishing campaign is run by the Angling Trust to increase the number of people being introduced to angling across England. Anyone interested in going fishing can find events at Get Fishing Near You The events are for all participants regardless of gender, age, fitness or previous angling experience. They are funded from fishing licence sales by the Environment Agency.

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