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Coach Conference rated a big hit!

Richard Hadley Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer for the Angling Trust, gives his perspective on the first Angling Coaching Conference…

The first Angling Trust Coaching Conference took place at the Abbey Hotel Redditch and with all the feedback forms completed by attendees rating the day as “Good” or “Excellent”, and after week’s of planning and preparation for me, that was a huge relief!

The day started with coffee, pastries, the chance to catch up with old friends and to take a look at the exclusive branded clothing available to coaches.

The theme for the day of “More, Better, Happier” was explained for all assembled: More anglers and More coaches having a Better experience (through improved support and training), leads to Happier participants …and just as importantly Happy enthusiastic coaches!

An hour of round-table workshops followed with coaches and organisations taking the chance to interact, network and find out what they could offer one another.

Workshops included a great mix of sessions led by Get Hooked on Fishing, Fishing for Schools, Angling Trust Participation, Professional Anglers Association and Canal and River Trust. There was guidance too on the “AIM” and “CAST” awards, plus sound advice on Social Media Marketing.

Delegates were also given a preview of what’s now become a more practical Angling Support Coach qualification that’ll be replacing the old Level 1 from this April.

We tried to illustrate how delivery of the course will be moving away from a written to a very “hands-on” coach-learning process. Be aware that this change is happening and if you couldn’t make it to the conference feel free to contact me for more info

Lunch was followed by two great new CPD workshops. “Mottification” lead by Tony Campbell and Simon Mottram from Canal & River Trust and “The Principles of Casting” given by Karl Humphries.

Both seemed very well received. To me, having to pry a fly rod from the grip of a coarse angler at the end of his casting session beats any star-rating system!

Finally after a quick trip to the bar an excellent dinner was served and it was soon time to depart. If you happen to speak to anyone who attended I hope they’ll confirm what a great day they had too.

There are already plans for next year being put in place. Based on feedback  received I’ll increase the number of workshops and invite more angling societies – I’m hoping for up to around ten to be involved.

On the CPD workshops front: Well, “Distance Casting” is going to be on the agenda plus two others still to be confirmed. Watch this space.

If there was one highlight (among many) that stands out for me, it was the atmosphere of togetherness and friendship evident throughout the day.

Sometimes angling can get very, let’s say, “political“, but on this day everyone shared a common goal, and that was to support the future of angling. In that spirit many new friendships were formed.


Richard Hadley
Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager | Lead Safeguarding Officer
07720 974 811 | [email protected]

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