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Coaches: Come on – Spring into Fishing!

Richard Hadley, Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer encourages you to get involved and run a Get Fishing event – it’s easy too!…

These programmes have been incredibly successful! Thanks to each and every one of you who has contributed to introducing thousands of people to fishing and swelling the number of events listed on Get fishing near you. It’s been hard to keep up sometimes!

We are hoping that event delivery partners will connect participants with additional programmes that build on the basic skills of angling promote the need to purchase a fishing licence.

There’s a massive opportunity to raise then profile of angling coaching in local communities and to create ‘next steps’ from participation events to structured coaching initiatives such as the CAST awards.

To get involved with Get Fishing or Spring into Fishing all you need to do is contact your Angling Trust Participation Officer.

They will provide you with a free guide to running events which covers everything from Safeguarding to Social Media, as well as a fishing licence waiver so that participants are covered for the day. There is sometimes funding available for you or the venue or tackle or bait. We’ll help you out with whatever’s available at the time.

The simple requirement from you is to collect participant contact details and hand it over to your Participation Officer after the event. This is only used to contact newcomers and provide information to encourage them to go fishing again. It really is that simple!


Richard Hadley
Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer
07720 974811 | [email protected]

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