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IMPORTANT: Safeguarding News and Update – January 2020

By Richard Hadley, Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer: “Recently, you might have heard about cases involving angling coaches and breaches of safeguarding protocols….”

Some of the cases have been alarming and our Safeguarding Team has needed to react swiftly and appropriately to the allegations.

It’s been great to see that angling coaches who’ve had suspicions have reacted very swiftly too. Thank you from all of us involved, for your vigilance. I know that we all take the welfare of young people seriously.

For those of you who coach in Wales, all safeguarding processes and policies have been updated.

Details can be found on our Children in Angling website:

Because DBS checking is now carried out by UCheck, we can now accept photocopies that have been countersigned by a responsible adult as true copies of the originals. This will save you time and money and reduces the chance of losing documents in the post.

If you need safeguarding training, you now have two options

  1. If you have already done the face-to-face course
    You can complete the online training through UK Coaching  for £14
  2. If you have not done the face-to-face course
    We now offer our own course (including first aid) for just £45

I will be simplifying safeguarding requirements so that everyone will need to do the UK Coaching safeguarding and protecting children in sport training.

This will remove the need for us to assess the content of all the other courses out there but note that existing face-to-face certificates will be accepted as a prerequisite to the online course.


Richard Hadley
Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer
07720 974811 | [email protected]

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